by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

YOUR JOY AT HOME: Mizuki Nishiyama on the Art of Being Active

mizuki nishiyama
@miznegi at her studio

More people are working and studying from home and limiting their social contact, but staying in shouldn’t mean lazing in bed all day. Coming up with a daily routine is really important for your well-being; getting up, getting dressed and being productive for the day can positively affect your mental and physical health. Plus, getting creative and thinking of new ways to keep moving can help us keep off the screen.

BEAUBIT speaks to Mizuki Nishiyama (@miznegi), a 21-year-old painter based in New York City, for her tips on staying healthy and active, while staying home.

What is your beauty routine like, now that you’ve more time at home?

I’m a big fan of wellness, taking care of the inside as well as nourishing the outside. My routine consists of eating nutritious foods, using organic skincare, doing a variety of exercises, and to meditate. I don’t usually wear makeup on a day-to-day basis.

Your current favourite beauty product?

For skincare, I’ve been excited about this tofu face wash that I got in Japan. For makeup, Vapour Organic Beauty’s lipstick has been doing wonders for my lips.

What would you say is your approach to beauty?

Cleanliness, and simplicity.

What is your self-care routine like?

I’m a huge hiker! I also love running and Muay Thai. These are all active, energising activities that get me going. They’re great for de-stressing, but I like to occasionally balance out with gentler forms, like meditation. I also really embrace traditional Japanese foods, like natto (fermented soybeans), or kombu (kelp). Eating lots of traditional superfoods from my culture has been doing wonders for my mental and physical health.

“Eating lots of traditional superfoods from my culture has been doing wonders for my mental and physical health.”

What do you enjoy doing at home?

There’s nothing better than spending time with loved ones. Aside from that, I will be doing a lot of solo activities. I love painting, violin, yoga, Flamenco dance, reading, knitting, et cetera.

Any tips for people looking to stay productive while at home?

Make sure to have an agenda. To have goals, and to monitor them.

‘Japanese Bodies’

What messages do you hope your audience will understand when looking at your work?

We should embrace fragility and vulnerability. They make us human.

Who have been some of the influences on your work so far? Do you find yourself better to express yourself in your poetry or painting?

My family has been a huge influence on my work. The different types of art forms they practice influenced my ability to translate my thoughts visually. In both poetry and painting, I have an ongoing contradiction between concealing and revealing. It is harder for me to translate my thoughts with writing. Perhaps it’s because I’m not as well versed with literary elements, which can give a certain touch to words. I tend to be stronger experimenting with visual designs like texture, colour, and form.

How has art helped you channel your own emotions?

Practicing various types of art allows me to tap into different vulnerable sides of my existence. Painting is a very contemplative practice for me. It can be extremely intense. I get lost in the craft, but I am also very much present, working through my inner self.

I have also played the violin since I was 3. Expressing myself through the instrument was something I held onto since an early age. Violin has somewhat of a hypnotic element to it. It’s a rigorous practice too. Both painting and violin require the body, mind, and soul to be present. That’s what I love about them. They activate your entire being.

Mizuki’s Beauty Picks
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PDC Wafood Made Tofu Face Wash, SGD26