by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Tried & Trusted: Verso Skincare Turmeric Booster

Image via @lepetitfika

Taking its name from the Latin for ‘reverse’, Swedish brand Verso Skincare is one to watch. The brand’s mission is to simplify your daily skincare routine, which is why every product has a number. Most of their products also contain their very own patented formula ‘Retinol 8’, which is more potent than typical retinol and half as aggressive on the skin. Plus, let’s not forget how aesthetically pleasing the products are; the minimal monochrome packaging is just a pleasure to photograph.

But our current obsession from the skincare brand isn’t retinol, but rather an antioxidant product; the Antioxidant Turmeric Booster (SGD129) has proven itself to be a staple in our skincare routines.

Image via @versoskincare

Why we’re obsessed:

Enriched with turmeric and vitamin E, the Turmeric Booster claims to combat free radicals and improve the skin’s hydration capacity over time. It also contains tiny microalgae that kickstart and reinforce the skin’s antioxidant capacity. In other words, it’s the perfect serum for skin that tends to become red, dull, damaged and uneven.

And in case you’re unaware, turmeric is a superstar ingredient; it’s featured in many Ayurvedic beauty practices due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and brightening properties.

I use the Turmeric Booster before my moisturizer and SPF in the morning. It has a lightweight, almost milky consistency that sinks into the skin immediately and very minimal fragrance, which probably makes it suitable for all skin types. It also layers beautifully under makeup.

Another thing I love about the booster? It leaves my skin feeling hydrated, brighter and more even-toned, which I definitely love.

How to use:

Apply a few drops on cleansed skin and pat into skin. Use twice daily in place of serum.

Verso Skincare Antioxidant Turmeric Booster, SGD129

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