by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

2 Ways to Get Effortless Waves without Heat

Image via @sakuramatches

Perfecting effortless wavy hair is a lot of work; most of the time, the easiest way is to use a heat tool. And as easy as using a wand or flat iron is to achieve the hairstyle, they can be time-consuming, not to mention damaging, especially if used incorrectly. Fortunately, heating tools aren’t the only way to get yourself some curls—there are a number of easy ways to achieve the same results without any heat.

Plus, we tapped Sydney-based hair and makeup artist Thanh Vo (@thanhtheman) on her way to achieving gorgeous waves without heat.

Use different braiding techniques

The easiest way to wake up with wavy hair is to braid your hair before you go to bed. Start with freshly washed and slightly damp hair; you can just let it air-dry after a shower. Decide if you want tight or loose waves, and create either a rope braid (for loose waves) or a typical three-section braid (for tighter waves). Section your hair into two bunches and do whichever braid you decided on. Then it’s as easy as sleeping on it overnight.

Another method is to just braid a few sections; you’ll create a more diffused set of waves. Creating different consistencies for your waves makes the look more tousled and natural.

Once you’ve woken up, you can take out the braids and add texture with a sea salt mist or texturising hair spray.

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Thanh Vo’s Guide to Heatless Waves

For Thanh’s version of heatless waves, start with damp hair and brush through. Separate the hair into two sections, grab a bathrobe tie, and start coiling the hair around it, away from the face. Repeat on the other side.

Once you’re done, you can grab the two sections, twist upwards and tie the bathrobe belt securely around the head. Sleep on it, unravel and you’ll wake up to beautiful wavy hair.