by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Trisha Do on Skincare & Self-Confidence

Vietnamese fashion & beauty content creator Trisha Do talks to BEAUBIT about how fashion boosts her self-confidence and the skin snacks inspired by her Southeast Asian heritage.

Fashion and beauty have always been Trisha Do’s (@glamwithtrish) passion. Growing up in a family that embraced art and culture, it naturally formed the basis of her identity, and it is where she seeks inspiration for her work.

The New York-based, Vietnamese fashion content creator is also the creative brains behind womenswear brand OUI Studios, which she founded in 2018. “Fashion and beauty have been a platform for me to connect with my audience, especially young women, to remind them of the importance of being confident. I believe that you should always dress for yourself.

Trisha admits that her skin hasn’t always been the way it is now: “I struggled with finding the right products and treatments. I realised that I have to listen to my skin more and nourish it from within.”

She reduced the number of skincare steps, and stuck to a simpler routine: cleanse, tone and moisturize. “I focused my attention on drinking more water and fruit juices, using sunscreen, exfoliating once a week, and keeping my pillowcase super clean.”

These days, Trisha goes for a natural, no-makeup look. “The younger me would never have thought of it— I used to wear heavy makeup. Perhaps it’s due to my insecurities; I felt the need to cover up so much of my skin. Over time, I learnt to embrace my skin in its natural state. Now, I’ll go out with minimal makeup.”

Her favourite self-care tip? “Definitely exfoliating and steaming my face. I love adding essential oils in my steam session and feeling the stress leave my body!”

Another thing Trisha has taught us is to use rice water as a mild and natural facial cleanser:

“I wash my face with rice water. Like Vietnamese cuisine, this beauty tip is also very simple. Vietnamese people eat rice everyday. I use the water that comes from the second rinse when washing rice.”

“The leftover rice bran in the water acts as an organic, light exfoliant in my face wash,” says Trisha. “It doesn’t irritate your skin, and there are no chemicals. In addition, rice water has a naturally airy and fresh fragrance that I adore.”

Trisha’s Beauty Picks
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