by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Here is What Our Readers Have to Say About the TARA 7-Day Glow Challenge

Image via @elaineeeoh

Promising high-performance and results-driven skincare, South Korean brand TARA was founded on a belief in creating effective and luxurious products using ingredients from the deep sea, such as marine collagen and algae complex. Jin Lee, the founder of TARA, struggled with skin issues for a long time, before she encountered an organic skincare line and decided to study the ingredients and manufacturing process. In the process, she discovered the power of potent marine ingredients, which led to the creation of TARA. The brand’s products are free from silicon, artificial pigments, parabens and fragrance, all while being sustainable and cruelty-free.

The line has three products: The Algae Ampoule Sea Therapy Mask (SGD69), the BHA Overnight Velvet Peel (SGD199) and the Aqua Peptide Antioxidant Ampoule (SGD259), all formulated with ingredients from the sea.

We asked three of our BEAUBIT community members to test out the brand’s products in what we dubbed the ‘7-Day Glow Challenge with TARA‘. Here is what they have to say:

Ashley Ng @ashleyserene10

The TARA range has helped considerably in improving my overall skin condition—my sun spots, uneven skin tone and enlarged pores have become less visible. After using TARA’s mask for the first time, I noticed my skin became visibly brighter and fairer. My friends have noticed the change and asked what I did to my skin! I’ve also used the peel on every alternate day, and it’s helped in reducing blackheads and the appearance of my pores. My T-zone does feel less oily as well.

And for my favourite product in the range—the Aqua Peptide Antioxidant Ampoule—my face just looks and feels plumper the morning after! I love how non-sticky it is and it absorbs quickly into the skin. I used it daily throughout the week and I’ve noticed it has also helped reduce the fine lines around my eyes too.

Cal Zheng @calzheng

This is my first encounter with this brand and I found myself very attracted to the fact that their products are formulated from premium algae, which helps with skin regeneration.

There were definitely some up and downs throughout the seven days, but I could feel my skin becoming more hydrated. There were also no bad reactions to the products and I’m very happy about that! I noticed that my skin looked clearer and there was a subtle glow around the third or fourth day.

Elaine Oh @elaineeeoh

I started off with the Aqua Peptide Antioxidant Ampoule on the day I received it. This was the only product I used daily, both morning and night. With hyaluronic acid, peptides, collagen and algae 8 complex (basically, all the good stuff), I love how hydrating it feels and how fast it absorbs into the skin.

The mask was a big win for me too; it just felt very hydrating and soothing to my dry and sensitive skin. The mask also fits well and there was so much leftover essence that I used it on my neck, legs, and arms. That’s how you know it’s a good mask, and I can tell you there was no product waste!

For the peel, I was initially rather apprehensive since I have dry and sensitive skin. It’s meant to be gentle for sensitive skin, but I was cautious and I tried it on the third day. Luckily, there was no irritation after. But I can’t say for sure what its effects are after using it once, so I’ll have to get back on this for a better review.

All in all, if you’re new to the brand, I’d say go with the sheet mask; it’s definitely my go-to whenever I need a quick fix to soothe any irritation or redness, or need an extra boost of hydration.

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