by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

An Anti-Pollution Serum that Prevents Maskne? Here’s What Our Reader Has to Say About It

Images via @deana.saechang

Launched in 2020, Thai brand Delphini was founded by a group of biochemists from Chulalongkorn University, one of the most well-known institutions in Thailand. They were determined to develop a result-oriented skincare range that was safe, effective and suitable for all skin types.

The brand made its debut with a single product: the Intense Serum with Anti-Pollution Complex (SGD80). Formulated with a mix of natural and bio-ingredients including hyaluronic acid, 10% niacinamide and Scutellaria baicalensis root extract (commonly known as Chinese skullcap or golden herb), the serum has key ingredients to restore and protect your skin from skin troubles. The serum is the first of its kind to file a patent in Thailand. It also has been proven to battle seven different skin problems caused by pollution—and maskne!—more than other skincare products that received similar patents.  

We asked one of our BEAUBIT community members, Deana (@deana.saechang), to test out the brand’s anti-pollution serum. Here is what she has to say:

What I like about it first and foremost is its texture—it’s really smooth and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. It also glides across the skin so easily and I love that it absorbs quickly into the skin. It’s been working well with the rest of my skincare so far and I haven’t had any major acne flareups at all; I use it in my morning routine, along with another serum and essence. After two weeks of use, my skin looks noticeably brighter and clearer, and feels so much smoother!

Shop the Delphini Intense Serum here now.

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