by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

We Test Out Victoria Beckham’s Favourite Moisturizer: The Weleda Skin Food

German beauty brand Weleda’s Skin Food has a stellar reputation; it’s supposedly a dupe for the La Mer Moisturizing Cream, and beauty lovers swear by the cream and its rich, nourishing properties. It’s also a staple in many celebrities’ beauty routines, the likes of Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. BEAUBIT gives the cult-favourite a try.

Invented in 1926, the Weleda Skin Food is a thick and super moisturizing cream that can be used everywhere— your face, cuticles, under your eyes. The multi-tasking product is said to fight dryness, calm irritation, and repair skin for a healthy, radiant glow. It’s an all-natural formulation, free from fragrances and synthetic preservatives, and sustainably sourced. Skin Food is incredibly hydrating and nourishing, chockfull of botanical ingredients like organic pansy and rosemary leaf extracts, calendula, chamomile, as well as a cocktail of oils including sweet almond oil and sunflower seed oil.

How to use

Squeezing the product out from its bright green aluminium toothpaste-like tube is rather difficult because it’s so dense, which probably makes it too thick to put on your face. And, the label agrees; on the back of Skin Food’s tube, directions were to use on dry and rough skin with a gentle massage. Heed this advice: you should warm up the product in your hands for a few seconds to make it more spreadable.

Skin Food works wonderfully as a hand and under-eye cream, on dry elbows, and other dry spots. If you’re thinking of applying it on your face, you can, although the formula takes some time to sink into your skin. But once it does, you’re left with perfectly hydrated and glowy skin that feels balanced. Not to mention, it smells absolutely sublime, citrusy and floral.

Of course, given the dense consistency, it would be a little tough to use as a daily moisturizer in Singapore. It’s great for those with chronically dry skin. You can probably get away with using a pea-sized amount in the morning— look at that glow on your cheekbones. It may be too heavy and greasy for oily skin types; it’s probably best reserved for bedtime.

Weleda Skin Food, SGD23.50