by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Tjin Lee: “My purpose is to leave the world a better place than I came in to.”

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we put a spotlight on moms and chat about their journey and hopes while highlighting their unique relationship with beauty.

Looking at Tjin Lee‘s long list of achievements, it is easy to conclude that she is a go-getter. The working mother of two is the founder and managing director of Mercury Marketing & Communications, which she founded two decades ago. She is also the force behind several worthy causes: CRIB (Creating Responsible, Innovative Businesses), a local social enterprise dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs and Life Beyond Grades, a movement that aims to reduce stress on academics as the singular metric for success.

We chat with Tjin in her stunning new home as she talks about passion, purpose, motherhood, beauty and more.

What keeps you busy everyday?

Life keeps me busy. I juggle meetings and Zoom calls, with family time and self-care.

How has your career evolved over the years?

I’ve invested in creating excellent teams within Mercury. I realise it’s much better to be a small part of something big than a big part of something small. With this mindset, I’m happy to invite more team members to lead and have a seat at the table. The people who rise within the ranks often make the best leaders. The team today is in such good hands, I am able to invest time in not-for-profit pursuits that I am passionate about, such as advocacy for change in our education system, raising kinder kids, and empowering other women entrepreneurs.

You were an entrepreneur before you became a mother. Has motherhood changed your perspective about work and life?

Motherhood completely changed my outlook. Today, I’m deeply vested in causes or actions that could lead to changes to help make the world a better place for my children.

How do you find the time to balance family and your pursuits?

You can have it all, just not at the same time. We all get the same 24 hours a day, so learn to prioritise. I figure out which tasks and obligations need to be completed versus those that would be nice to have. Learn to say “no” to non-essential activities and engagements that sap time and energy but add no value to your life, and that’s how you’ll find your balance.

What’s your approach when it comes to beauty and wellness?

Less is more! Once I find a brand I like, or works for my skin, I tend to stick to it or be loyal. My routine consists of paring down to essentials, keeping things to a minimum, but making sure they’re impactful.

What is your skincare routine like?

Skincare is really minimal in the mornings because at night I ensure I cleanse, tone and moisturise well. When I wake up, I just splash water on, add moisturiser with sunscreen, and put on makeup.

What does your day-to-day makeup look like?

Primer and foundation for evening the skin tone, concealer for any dark eye circles or redness around the nose and chin, some loose powder, contouring, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, filling in the brows, lipstick and go! It sounds like a lot, but I can usually go from wake-up to leave-the-house ready in 15 minutes!

What is most important to you: comfort, beauty, or innovation?

Comfort and innovation.

What are you working towards?

I’m working towards my passions and purpose. My passion is to soon resume world exploration with my kids; I think travel and learning from cultural diversity is the best education the world can offer. My purpose is to leave the world a better place than I came in to. I am working towards changes in areas I care about, namely education, awareness of learning differences, social entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment.

Tjin’s Beauty Picks

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate Serum, SGD230
NARS St Germain Des Prés Eyeshadow Palette, SGD70
NARS Soft Matte Complete Foundation, SGD62
NARS Claudette Cheek Duo Palette, SGD59
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, SGD70
La Mer The Concentrate, SGD290
Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner, SGD59
La Mer The Eye Concentrate, SGD355
Souffle Beauty Anti-Pollution Probiotic & Rose Gel Cleanser, SGD30
Clé de Peau Beauté Hydro-Clarifying Lotion, SGD180

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