by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

These Three Beauty Brands Should Be on Your Radar Now

Image via @rbow_official

It’s the end of the year and you’re looking at a refresh of your beauty counter; the question is, which new products should you try? In order to help you sort through the overwhelming offerings on the beauty scene, we’ve got three buzzworthy skincare, body and makeup brands that will stand out from the clutter. 

HAUM Skincare

Images via @haumskincare

Jakarta-based brand HAUM Skincare is a range based on using biologically active ingredients to formulate products that are safe and effective for the skin. The line started with a men’s product — the Beard On, which encourages beard growth, but has since expanded to skincare products for both men and women. 



Skind Naturals

Images via @skindnaturals

Formulated with nourishing plant oils, Skind Naturals is a conscious beauty brand that creates natural deodorants that soothe and condition the skin. Their products are free from harmful chemicals, aluminium, sulfates, alcohol, baking soda and parabens, all while being completely vegan with no animal-derived ingredients.

BEAUBIT’s Pick: Natural Deodorant in Rose, SGD15


Images via @rbow_official

Inspired by art and a blank canvas, RboW creates a range of covetable makeup that remains all-natural. A new product range but a definite must-have, RboW’s Façade Lip Balm series nourishes and protects the lips, revealing a softer, glossier and plumper pout. The line is formulated with plant-based ingredients including Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter and 100% Rice Eco Ceramide.

BEAUBIT’s Pick: Façade #12 Lip Balm, SGD42