by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

The RainBowl Cleanse with Evangeline Yan: A 7-Day Meal Plan

Fashion consultant Evangeline Yan shares her daily power bowl recipes and tips on clean eating.

During this time, many of us might be thinking of ways to keep our spirits up, which is where self-care comes in. Of course, it’s not just about letting yourself take baths or doing facial massages; it can also be about improving our skills and building healthier habits

You can take this time to nourish your body from inside out; give your body a break from processed foods and take the time to whip up some simple power foods to start the day healthily. Which is why BEAUBIT spoke to fashion consultant Evangeline Yan (@evangelineyan) to share her breakfast ‘rainbowl’ recipes and tips on clean eating. Read more and find her recipes below.

Have you always eaten cleanly?

I go through phases. This self-quarantine allowed me to rethink myself. Currently I’m definitely a lot less eating junk foods than I used to be.

Any reasons behind clean eating?

During self-quarantine, I’ve realised that I haven’t reached the “best-me” stage. I think this is the right time to really elevate myself.

What are the immediate benefits?

I’m feeling more energetic, and it has completely changed my digestion and skin condition for the better.

The Recipe: Breakfast RainBowls

These quick and easy breakfast bowls filled with superfoods like açai and chia seeds are both delicious and great for you. The colours in foods are indicators of nutritional value, and different colours mean different vitamins and minerals. These ingredients can be easily found at any supermarket.

Here are Evangeline’s recipes that are perfect for a healthy morning booster.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7