by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

The Best Ways to Treat Chapped Lips

Lips perpetually dry no matter how many layers of lip balm are on them? Yep, we’ve all been there. You’ve tried everything that promises smooth lips—lip scrubs? Check. Lip oil? Check. Lip masks? Check. Nothing works for more than a day or two, and your dry, sandpapery skin appears again as you’re trying to apply your favourite matte lipstick. Below are some tips and tricks that’ll treat your chronically dry lips, along with the best products to use.

#1: Figure out what is irritating your lips

The skin of your lips is different from the rest of your skin because it doesn’t have oil glands, which is why lips get dry a lot easier than the rest of your face, and why it’s difficult to tackle the chapped-ness. 

Licking your lips is a surefire way of getting dry lips because you’re coating them in saliva. It evaporates very quickly to leave lips drier than before and your saliva is actually full of enzymes that are too harsh for the delicate skin. These enzymes can remain on the lips and cause them to feel dry and uncomfortable. 

#2: Exfoliate

One of the best ways to smooth the skin out and prevent future chapped lips is to exfoliate. Not only will exfoliating get rid of dead skin on your lips and allow for new skin to be revealed, but exfoliating will actually let your lipstick last longer, so keep that in mind before you apply your lip products.

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#3: Use lip products loaded with skin-nourishing minerals and essential oils

This is a no-brainer but use lip products that are nourishing, with ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, lavender oil or rose geranium oil. Another tip is to apply the same skincare products you use on your face to moisturise your lips; just make sure they don’t contain any irritating ingredients before applying.

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