by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

The Best of Korean Beauty Brand Tamburins

Since launching in 2017, South Korean brand Tamburins has gained a loyal following, for its minimalist packaging, accessories-inspired products and creative marketing that encompasses fashion and art. The brand was founded by the same creative brains behind artsy and futuristic-looking eyewear brand Gentle Monster. The cosmetics brand has the same creative aesthetic as its fashion counterpart and features an array of hand creams, serums and fragrances.

We round up the five must-haves from the cult beauty brand — from their beautifully-scented hand creams to their skincare line.

Tiger Leaf 100 Serum 2.0

A functional serum that helps improve fine lines and wrinkles, the Tiger Leaf 100 Serum 2.0 (SGD43) has high concentrations of Centella Asiatica extract, which helps the skin to form collagen. It’s been tested safe for sensitive skin.

Tiger Leaf 91 Cream

In the same Tiger Leaf line is the Tiger Leaf 91 Cream (SGD81), a functional moisturizer that helps to improve wrinkles by balancing the levels of moisture and oil within the skin. Formulated with highly concentrated Centella Asiatica extract, it creates elasticity within the skin, moisturizing and improving skin texture.

Water Essence Toner

toner that absorbs quickly into the skin, the Water Essence Toner (SGD65) is essential in any skincare routine. Formulated with Sea-Glue Complex, which is made up of five marine extracts, the toner maintains moisture by creating a film over the skin. Other ingredients like Thai kudzu root and Cnidium root keep the skin hydrated without irritating it.

Dance Enhance Cream 2.0

One of the Dance Enhance Cream 2.0’s best features is its watery-light texture. Natural ingredients like oat kernel, artichoke and brown algae keep the skin hydrated sans greasiness while controlling sebum production. Its warm and woody blend of natural oils (bergamot, sandalwood and patchouli) helps soothe tired skin and smooth away any fine lines.

It’s also tested and safe for sensitive skin types.

Nude H.and Cream 000

The Nude H.and Cream is definitely the brand’s bestseller; a luxuriously scented hand cream that comes in a variety of scents, with #000 being its signature. Each cream is saturated with shea butter, macadamia seed oil and sandalwood oil to soothe and moisturize. The signature scent is a combination of fresh bergamot and subtle sandalwood that lingers pleasantly throughout the day before settling into a woody note.