by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Shelfie Upgrade: Skincare For Year-End Glow

Here’s something you can do to end the year looking and feeling better: upgrade your skincare routine. A routine audit might also be needed if your skincare goals are different than the beginning of the year when you set your current routine. It’s time to improve your most basic daily essentials.

Not sure where to start? Here are our favourite skincare formulas of the year to give your routine a refresh — and upgrade your shelfie.


Sigi Skin Kaleanser

This bestseller vegan cleanser from Sigi Skin has superfood ingredients like kale and soy to gently remove makeup, dirt and oils while rebalancing your skin’s pH levels. Plus, we love its jelly-like texture; it makes cleansing feel like a dream.


Delicat Skincare Neroli Rose Water Toner

This gentle alcohol-free toner from Delicat Skincare contains powerful antioxidants derived from neroli water and organic moringa oil. The special blend protects your skin from pollution and fights against premature skin ageing.

Shiseido Revitalizing Treatment Softener Lotion

Infused with Japanese Kirishima mineral spring water and a complex blend of ingredients, this softener defends the skin and prepares it for subsequent skincare products, allowing them to penetrate faster and deeper.


HEURE Ageless Serum

A star anti-ageing product and the hero of the Ageless line, the Ageless Serum is a supercharged product that minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within 7 days, boosts collagen production and densifies the skin to revive skin’s youthful glow.

Paula’s Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster

One of the brand’s bestsellers, this concentrated 10% niacinamide serum booster dramatically improves uneven skin tone and refines the appearance of your pores, skin texture, and fine lines.


Tamburins Tiger Leaf 91 Cream

The Tiger Leaf 91 Cream (SGD81) is a functional moisturizer that helps to improve wrinkles by balancing the levels of moisture and oil within the skin. Formulated with highly concentrated Centella Asiatica extract, it creates elasticity within the skin, moisturizing and improving skin texture.

Kansoskin Simply Better Barrier

Lightweight yet deeply hydrating, the Simply Better Barrier cream (SGD45) from Kansoskin restores balance in the skin. Formulated with key ingredients like PPA3 Balancing Complex™, Superstar Hydrators and Cellular Energiser, it supports the skin’s own natural functions, making it soft and supple. It’s also safe for use for mothers-to-be.

Face Mist

Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals Mineral Booster

A dual-action face mist, the Mineral Booster™ (SGD139.10) helps increase absorption of skincare at night and refreshes the skin during the day. It contains skin-calming and skin-repairing active ingredients suspended in purified deep seawater to help keep the skin hydrated throughout the day.

Face Oil

SeaSunSociety Blue Spell

Made from 100% pure plant oils, watch your skin heal, recharge, and maintain a healthy glow. The naturally blue tint comes from blue chamomile essential oil, which has been used for centuries because of its healing properties and anti-inflammatory benefits.

A for Apothecary Rose Glow Elixir

A botanical blend of organic cold-pressed plant oils like Oat Lipid E, rosehip seed, sea buckthorn and calendula, the Rose Glow Elixir (SGD78) is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy face oil nourishes your skin with essential antioxidants and vitamins, leaving you with healthy, glowing skin.

Acne Treatment

Skinlycious Glow Exfoliant

Fighting a new bout of breakouts? Use Skinlycious’ Glow Exfoliant (SGD33) as a spot treatment twice a day or as full-face exfoliant two to three times a week in the evenings. The combination of mandelic acid and salicylic acid creates a potent blend that resurfaces skin and deeply penetrates pores to dissolve clogged pores.

Eye Care

R.N.A.Power Eye Cream Radical New Age

Restore your skin’s youthful smoothness around the eye with SK-II’s SK-II R.N.A.Power Eye Cream Radical New Age (SGD148). Packed with conditioning ingredients in a silky, easily-absorbed texture, the eye cream moisturizes skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines due to dryness.


ést.lab SunShield SPF50 Sunscreen

Easily one of our favourites, ést.lab SunShield SPF50 Sunscreen (SGD96) is a water-resistant, multi-tasking sunscreen with broad-spectrum UVA and UVB SPF50*** protection and skincare benefits. It’s also powered with anti-blue light technology to protect your skin against the harmful effects of blue light.


Rooki Beauty Green Pulp Paste Masque

Supercharge your skin with this mask from Rooki Beauty. Made with the brand’s signature Green Pulp Paste™, this deeply hydrating gel masque will leave your skin with an instant glow.

ést.lab PurClear Detoxifying Mask

Deep cleanse, exfoliate and soothe redness with the PurClear Detoxifying Mask (SGD98). The non-comedogenic formula comprises of mineral-rich French green clay, tea tree oil and a patented blend of marine spring water and pumpkin seed extract to combat pollution and get rid of impurities while being gentle enough for sensitive skin.


FrankSkincare Rose Quartz Roller

A skincare necessity — this face roller made out of rose quartz is an easy massage tool that will leave your skin relaxed and rejuvenated. It also helps our skin to absorb skincare products better, boosting effectiveness. If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at facial massages, now is the time.