by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Regina Rafika on Lockdown Faves & Skincare Musts

Launched in 2009, ATS THE LABEL has come a long way since it first started. Originally called ‘Agree to Shop’, the growing Indonesian fashion label is helmed by founder and creative director Regina Rafika. Pursuing her passion for fashion design, Regina launched the brand on the belief that clothes should be versatile, timeless and adaptable, taking you from the office to post-work drinks.

“The brand was inspired by modern women today, who manage to do it all while still looking good,” Regina tells BEAUBIT. “We want to make every woman wearing our clothes feel good and confident, like they can tackle anything throughout the day.”

We caught up with Regina to talk more about the label, what she’s been up to while staying home (a lot of yoga), and her beauty must-haves, ahead.

Share with us three things people should know about you?

I am very dedicated—I love my job and also my role as a mom. Juggling both roles can be hard but it is the reason why I’m excited to wake up every day. Another thing is I cannot function without coffee (laughs). We all need that extra boost—especially me!—and coffee is definitely the answer for me. I like mine black and unsweetened. In my spare time, my favourite activity is yoga. My daily life is quite hectic, so it’s always nice to have a quiet spot for me to think and re-energise myself.

What can you tell us about ATS THE LABEL?

When I started this brand, I saw that there weren’t any local brands making clothes for someone like me, who had a lot on her plate. I wanted women to have clothes that felt effortless, pieces that they could count on for any occasion. Our collections are always thought through carefully, combining laidback pieces with grown-up tailoring. We now have up to 200,000 followers across all social media platforms, with shoppers all around the world. I am so proud of how far we have come and I’m very excited about how the brand can grow even more!

What does a typical day in your life look like?

On a typical day, I wake up quite early and check my messages to make sure I’m on top of anything due at work. Then straight to family time—I wake my sons up and make breakfast for them. On days where they have online classes, I supervise their online learning while replying to any urgent emails or approvals. I then have lunch and usually prepare for the meeting I have on that day. When afternoon comes around, I get ready for yoga or some form of exercise to make sure I keep my body moving. I think it’s very important, even during a lockdown, to stay active. The rest of the day afterwards depends on how busy I am, but I usually start my downtime at 7 pm.

What is inspiring you right now?

As I’ve been really into yoga lately, I’ve been inspired by it too. It’s not just a form of exercise but also a matter of how you balance your strength and kindness. From yoga, I learned to keep pushing myself forward, not just learning to do more yoga forms, but also in life. I’ve started learning to do the things that I thought I couldn’t do back then.

What’s the earliest beauty memory that you remember?

I remember seeing my mom put on makeup when I was younger and I loved watching the way she did it. I tried on a lipstick of hers and thought it looked beautiful on me. Of course, now that I’m recalling it, I probably applied it rather messily (laughs)! From there, I kind of understood that a little colour can change the whole look of your face. It alters something from the inside, giving you a boost of confidence.

How does your mood affect the way you wear (or don’t wear) makeup?

I match my mood with my lipstick colour! How minimal or extra my makeup is depends on what my activities will be. If I have to attend an event or meet a client, of course, I will put on something extra, and I usually like to coordinate it with what I’m wearing. On a daily basis, especially during this pandemic, I will just put on some concealer and mascara or no makeup at all.

What’s your daily skincare routine like today?

After cleansing, I put on my Dr Dennis Gross LED mask, before going in with a toner, essence, moisturiser and eye cream—the whole works.

If you could only use three products, what would they be?

The Beauty Chef probiotic toner, U Beauty’s serum and Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream.

What is making you feel hopeful about the future right now?

It’s clichéd, but a new year does feel like new hope! 2020 was so full of surprises and we learned so many new lessons. I’m very hopeful and excited for whatever opportunities that may come by this year.

Regina’s Beauty Picks

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro, SGD680
The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner, USD75
AMOREPACIFIC Vintage Single Extract Essence Facial Face Serum Treatment, SGD128
U Beauty Resurfacing Compound, SGD199
Augustinus Bader The Cream, SGD130
Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream, SGD130
La Mer The Lifting Eye Serum, SGD415
AMOREPACIFIC Time Response Eye Reserve Creme, SGD352
Rouge Hermes Satin Lipstick, SGD105
NARS Bronzing Powder, SGD65

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