by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Modest Beauty with Tiara Skadiang

tiara skadiang modest beauty

Muslim women are among the biggest beauty consumers in the world; the Halal beauty market, for one, is expected to grow by USD28 billion in the next four years. And yet, despite the figures and the strides the beauty industry is making, expectations of modesty can be conflicting for Muslim women. Makeup and notions of beauty have been controversial within the faith group; there are ideas floating around online that a Muslim woman should only wear makeup for her husband, or that she should stay true to herself and not try to alter her appearance with makeup.

Fortunately, modern Muslim women are increasingly redefining their relationship with beauty on their own terms. BEAUBIT spoke to Tiara Skadiang (@tskadiang) about her beauty routine, and the relationship between her faith and beauty.

tiara skadiang modest beauty

What is your everyday makeup routine like?

On a lazy errand day, it’s usually a 15-minute routine. Skincare, sunscreen, mascara and lipstick. If I’m going to work, it usually takes a little longer with foundation and concealer.

Your current favourite beauty product?

For skincare, it would definitely be SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence (SGD318). I’ve been using it since I was 18 and have never stopped using it. It makes my skin feel so light and bouncy, I feel like it instantly perks me up. I use it twice a day — before makeup and before bedtime.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, SGD318

My current favourite makeup product is the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara (SGD37). I don’t like wearing eyeliner and rarely have eyeshadow on, so lashes are a really big part of my makeup routine. I usually have 2-3 layers of mascara on and the best part about this Too Faced one is that it never gets clumpy or heavy.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, SGD37

What is modest beauty to you?

Modest beauty to me, is being beautiful without having to show or do too much. It doesn’t only apply to physical aspects but your character as well.

What do you think of the relationship between your faith and beauty?

“Cleanliness and maintaining good personal hygiene is a huge part of my faith.”

It’s a good reminder for me to keep clean at all times and this also applies to my makeup routine or the products that I use. It’s really important to prevent any breakouts. I love wearing makeup as long as it doesn’t interfere with or stop me from fulfilling my religious obligations. For example, I have a detailed cleansing routine which I do at the end of the day and before I take my ablution for my daily prayers when I need to. This ensures that my skin is clean whenever it should be.

As a Muslim woman, are there any guidelines you follow when it comes to makeup?

Yes, I usually ensure that the makeup I use is easy to remove when I need to take my ablution. Also, to always bring a makeup pouch so I can put it all back on when I’m done with prayers!

Do you make it a point to use products that are more suitable for Muslim women?

I have not as I don’t really understand the whole concept of Halal beauty. The brands I do know of aren’t very extensive in range. I do love the lip products from So.LEK Cosmetics and Zahara though! I have also started switching out to using more vegan, cruelty-free products, and actively trying to keep away from alcohol or animal-based ones.

All images credit to @tskadiang.