by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Model Amandine Trinh on French-Girl Beauty

Born and bred in Paris to Vietnamese parents, Amandine Trinh exudes the French charm. On her Instagram, her sexy, insouciant French-girl aesthetic comes through, balanced with a sweet disposition that shows through endearing smiles. Having lived in various cities over the last few years (Melbourne and Berlin, to be precise), the model and content creator decided to move to Saigon to improve her Vietnamese and discover more about her roots.

We chat with Amandine as she shares about what her life looks like now, tips on how she mastered the effortless and cool French-girl look, and her favourite self-care activity (hint: it has to do with wine!). More, ahead.

What keeps you busy everyday?

My daily life has changed so much from when I first arrived in Vietnam. I was doing freelance design the first year I moved here. Then, everything changed when I starred in the music video of two famous Vietnamese singers. After that, many local brands started contacting me to be the model for their fashion campaigns.

It was a dramatic change in my life but very exciting. There were new people to meet, new environments to explore, new things to discover. At the same time, my Instagram account started growing. Each day was different: I was modelling for brands, acting in music or commercial videos and creating content for my social media.

Some days are exhausting but I’m thoroughly enjoying life so far. I always try to keep to a healthy lifestyle, working out regularly and sleeping at least 8 hours a night.

Do you like to take your time in the mornings to get ready, or do you prefer to be efficient in the mornings?

I would say that it goes together. I’m only efficient when I have time (laughs), I’m so unproductive when I’m rushing! I like to wake up early, around 6 to 7 am, and take my time. I’ll do my morning yoga, have a cup of coffee, check my emails, drink my smoothie and read a bit. My morning ritual takes between an hour to two hours every morning.

Name five must-have items in your handbag.

Besides my phone and wallet (these don’t count!), it would be my hairbrush —it takes up so much space but I cannot live without it; two or three lipsticks, depending on my mood, but always a nude as I apply it as a base; a book; a blush and a peach-scented hand sanitiser.

What does beauty mean to you? Are there any significant differences between the Asian and European idea of beauty?

“Beauty is subjective. To me, it is not about style, your looks, or even perfection. It is about energy. I think there’s something charming about imperfection.”

And my idea of beauty is definitely inspired by French women. Growing up in Paris, I often saw these women walking on the streets, and I can remember some of them were elegant, subtle, and so confident.

It’s rather complicated comparing different ideas of beauty in different countries, especially since not all European countries share the same ideas of beauty. In France, the history of fashion has influenced the ideal of beauty for decades. We liked women with curves, ultra skinny, tanned, and then androgynous, et cetera. Beauty is also about trends.

In Asia, especially in Vietnam, since it’s hot almost all year round, people protect themselves from it and find beauty in pale and bright skin. In France, it is the opposite. When there are just a few minutes of sunshine during warmer weathers, people run to sit in a park or outside a café to get suntanned!

What are some beauty tips you have picked up while living in Paris? Any secrets to impart on how to master the effortless and cool French girl look?

If there is something that has never changed, it is my makeup style. It is always the same and it only takes 5 minutes. My skincare routine takes longer than my makeup! I only use a concealer to cover the dark circles under my eyes and the little imperfections, a bronzer, a lot of blush, and a natural-toned lipstick. It’s a little boring but whenever I try something new, I don’t feel comfortable.

I wouldn’t say I aim to look “effortless”—I’d like to think it’s in my genes (laughs)! I learned to do my makeup from watching my mom in the bathroom. She always uses makeup in the most natural ways, only to enhance her facial features.

How do you look after your skin?

I have sensitive skin and moving to a country with weather like Vietnam definitely didn’t help! It took time for my skin to adapt, and even now I’m not 100% familiar with the climate. I had to test different products. Since it usually takes some time before there are results with your skincare and I’ve tested these products for about 2 years, I find that my skin usually does well with Chanel Beauty products.

For my skincare routine, I wash my face using a little cleansing brush, then I’ll wash a second time. After that, I’ll apply toner, then a serum, and finally, a face cream.

Are you a no-makeup makeup person, or actually no makeup?

I am definitely a no-makeup makeup person. I’d like to be a no-makeup person but I am so used to applying something—as little as it is—on my face when I go out. A bit of concealer and blush is enough, otherwise, I’ll feel like I am a zombie!

What is your favourite self-care activity?

As a big food and wine lover, my favourite thing to do is to cook a nice meal for me and my friends after a long week. I really like the combination of having good company, good food, good wine and good vibes. For me, it is the definition of quality time.

What are your hopes for the year ahead?

My first hope is to be able to go back to Paris to visit my family and friends. I am not sure when this will happen with the current pandemic situation. The second is to start my own company! This will require me to be much more disciplined in my life; I hope I can instil better habits in me, and maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Amandine’s Beauty Picks

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