by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Meet Dew It, A Bodycare Brand for the Modern Woman

Image via @aimantsamarah

For those who have a hard time juggling work, families and their various priorities, self-care is sometimes overlooked and considered time-consuming.

Which is where Indonesian body care brand Dew It comes in.

Founded by Rachel Lakhiani in 2020, the Jakarta-based beauty brand is a body care line that focuses on a hands-free way to care for your skin. Catered to the woman that simply has “no time” to care for their body, Dew It is an innovative and simplified body care companion in support of their everyday multitasking activities. The line’s products are easy to use, equipped with unique applicators and made of 100% organic ingredients that leave skin moisturized and glowing.

“Learning from my own incredibly busy lifestyle, I never had the time to nourish my dry skin. The effort needed to take care of such a large part of your body felt incredibly time-consuming. It turns out that I am not alone, there are many women who feel the same way,” says Dew It founder and CEO Rachel Lakhiani. “I decided to create Dew It as a body skincare solution that not only is easy to use but also encourages women to return to prioritising themselves in their busy lifestyles. The key to our brand is a quick, easy, hands-free and fun experience.”

Meet the products

The line has 3 body skincare products, namely the Body Water Oil, Body Polish, and Body Silk. These products work to fit into your daily routine and provide instant hydration for healthier, glowy skin.

Dew It is now available on BEAUBIT.