by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

A Makeup Artist Shares 3 Raya-Ready Makeup Looks

Hari Raya is just around the corner and if you’ve already got your Raya outfits ready, don’t forget to get your beauty look in check for the festive season. Keep your makeup looking fresh and on point for the mandatory #OOTD pictures—all while staying safe and keeping your mask on, that is.

Ahead, we get award-winning makeup artist Aida Jasmeen (@aidajasmeen) to share her tips and three standout makeup looks to ensure you look your best this Raya.

What makeup look is the most likely to last all day?

Play up your favourite feature and keep makeup minimal on the rest of the face. One of my favourites is the classic Old Hollywood look—bold red lips and minimal makeup on the face and eyes. Done right, it needs little to no touch-ups, it can last all day. Plus, who doesn’t like the killer combination of bold lips and minimal makeup everywhere else? It captures your attention, all the time. 

Any tips on making makeup last longer, especially in hot and humid weather?

“Three words: Lightweight, waterproof and ice!”

Apply ice all over the skin before your primer, just a few seconds will do. This is to bring down your skin’s temperature. Next, prep your skin well with skincare—but don’t overdo it! Use a primer to “grip” your makeup better and choose a lightweight formula so it won’t felt too greasy on the skin. It’s also a good idea to go for liquid foundation and set well with either a setting spray or translucent powder. You can opt for a matte finish but remember that less is more, especially for those who have dry skin!

What are your all-time favourite makeup products to use?

Definitely brow pencil, gel liner and cream blush. Brows are important for me as they give definition. I love gel liners and cream blush as they’re so versatile. You can use cream blush on your eyes, lips and of course, as a blush! And it’s so easy to transform your look from minimal to extra with just a flick of gel liner. If you need to transition from day to night makeup look, be sure to keep these two items in your bag.  

Hint of Peach

The upgraded, peachy version of the no-makeup makeup look. Less is always more! If you want a more put-together look, put on some falsies (as pictured on the left).

Red Lip Glam

Red lips will always be a classic. Wearing red, royal blue or green for Raya? Keep your eye makeup simple and pair it with red lips for a timeless look.

Monochromatic Pink

A fresh, monochromatic pink look—keep it soft with pastel shades on the eyes, cheeks and lip. A natural-looking and refreshing makeup look that will last all day.

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