by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Liquid Foundation vs Cushion Compact: Which Type of Foundation is Right for You?

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You’re bingeing on a Korean drama when you realise how good the female lead’s skin looks. “It has to be a full-coverage foundation,” you think to yourself. So you Google to find out what she’s using to make her skin look so good, only to find out that it’s actually a cushion compact. But aren’t cushion foundations really light on coverage? Would they really work for your skin? Not sure where to start? Here are some basics to keep in mind and some of our absolute faves to keep handy in your bag for a radiant and glowy complexion.

Liquid foundation

What it is: Liquid foundation is your classic base makeup—and easily the most popular because they’re very versatile, blend easily and there’s a lot to choose from. Plus, they usually have wider shade ranges and a variety of finishes (natural, matte, and dewy) for you to choose from. When it comes to coverage, you also have options; although you can always sheer out a more full-coverage foundation by applying minimally and using a damp sponge.

Best for: People who wish to cover up acne scars and uneven skin and want to look naturally radiant.

Difficulty level: Intermediate. You need some skills to create a streak-free (if you’re using a foundation brush), even finish.

Cushion foundation

What it is: Cushion foundations are a staple of K-beauty, and for good reason. It has the finish of liquid foundations but allows you to touch up on the go. And the fact that many cushion compacts offer sun protection and other skin goodies is a major plus. While cushion compacts tend to have lighter coverage and a dewy finish, more and more brands have been coming up with cushions that offer a little more coverage.

Best for: Those who are time-pressed, and midday touch-ups.

Difficulty level: Easy, once you get the hang of the application technique. Press the middle of the compact with the cushion to disperse the formula to disperse the product. Then, gently dab it around your face in a pressing motion.

Bonus: BB and CC creams tinted moisturisers

Another innovation of K-beauty, BB and CC creams are loved for their sheer to medium coverage and skin-boosting ingredients all in one. Think of them as multivitamins for your face; they usually contain sunscreen, moisturising and rejuvenating compounds. The key difference is that CC creams are designed to colour-correct and can sometimes provide less coverage than BB creams.

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