by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Here’s What You Need to Know About Lash Extensions

Image via @jvongphoumy

Long and dark lashes— what’s not to love? Every time you’re swiping on coats of mascara to get that elusive fan of eyelashes, you’ve probably at least considered getting eyelash extensions. A step further than falsies, these lashes last weeks. If you’re thinking of saving the time you spend in the morning curling and crimping your lashes, here is the 101 on eyelash extensions — the good, the bad and the need-to-know facts before you achieve your dream lashes.

What are lash extensions? 

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are attached to your natural eyelashes using semi-permanent glue, making your lashes look longer, fuller, and darker. The material varies, but they can be made of synthetic, mink, faux mink, or silk fibers.

What is the process like?

Unlike falsies, the process of applying eyelash extensions is much more careful and precise. The lash artist will first walk you through the various options: fiber (synthetic, silk, and faux-mink), length, and curl type. If you’ve always wanted to wake up with long, thick, Kim Kardashian-esque lashes, now’s your chance. But you can also get the my-lashes-but-better look, where people think you were born with natural, fluttery lashes. It’s entirely up to you, and you can explain what you want to your technician, so she can help craft your dream lashes.

Once you’ve chosen your desired lash look, the next step is the application, which will take a while. The technician will use a tiny, tweezer-like tool to precisely glue individual eyelashes to your eyes, one tiny lash at a time. Which is why the first time will take upwards of two hours to apply. Since your eyes are taped mostly closed, try to use the time to just relax or have a little nap.

The lash glue dries quickly, but your lash artist will probably have you sit for a little longer just in case. Once your lashes are completely dry, your lash artist will remove the tape, brush through the lashes with a spoolie, and voilà! Your lashes are ready to meet the world.

How long do they last?

If properly taken care of, your eyelash extensions can last between four to six weeks. When your natural lash sheds so does the extension that’s attached to it, which is why they must be touched up after. You can also opt for complete removal.

Keep in mind that your lashes are at all different stages of growth at any point in time, which means that a few weeks after your appointment, some extensions might fall out as lashes shed and are replaced with new, extension-free eyelashes. This can create an uneven, scattered effect if you don’t get your extensions touched up every 2-4 weeks. 


For the first 48 hours, avoid all contact with water and steam. After that, remember to never use any oil-based cleansers (which can cause the glue to dissolve) and eyelash curlers. Brush your lashes after a shower with a spoolie to get rid of any excess water, and sleep on your side if you can, as your eyelashes might rub against your pillow and fall out. In fact, don’t touch your eyes at all if you can avoid it; the more you touch them, the faster they will fall out (and they can even take your natural lash with them as they shed).

The good

Obviously, you can now walk around with luscious lashes that your friends will be clamouring to know more about. Lashes make your eyes look wider and more awake, and some women might even forgo makeup when they have extensions on because they feel so much more confident with full lashes. You can choose to have lashes as dramatic as you want, or natural-looking and fluttery. Plus, the entire process is virtually painless for almost everyone.

The bad

A major risk is eye infections. Eyelash extensions typically require an adhesive to attach the extension to your lashline, and the eye area is highly sensitive. To prevent any irritation or allergic reaction, do a patch test with the glue first. You can also ask your lash artist if they have latex and formaldehyde-free adhesive, which are the two common irritants.

Be prepared to spend more money; if you’re thinking of lash extensions long-term, you should go for touchups every two to four weeks. Also, your skincare routine might take longer since you have to be very careful to work around your eyes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there may be possible damage to your own set of lashes. As your natural lashes grow, the extensions get farther from the root of the lash, which makes it harder for your natural lashes to support the weight, causing breakage.

Where should you go for lash extensions?

Our recommendations:

Dreamlash employs certified lash artists from The Lash Academy, Singapore’s first and only recognised academy that specialises in eyelash extension training. Their products are all from Korea and are guaranteed of quality.
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Don’t let the name fool you; the Browhaus are experts in lash extensions too. We recommend the Lash In Bloom service; semi-permanent falsies are applied individually to create the perfect set of natural lashes that will last for weeks.
Price: From SGD80 onwards.

Private Room
Widely favoured by influencers, the Private Room uses only 100% synthetic lashes from Korea. Their qualified lash technicians can customise your lash of choice by varying lash thickness, length, and curl style.
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