by Chelsea Chew

Is Beauty Sleep A Myth?

Image via @papayalovin

Is beauty sleep the ultimate glam squad you need? The term ‘beauty sleep’ gets thrown around a lot, but turns out, it’s a real thing. You already know that sleep impacts your entire body, and, as your largest organ, your skin is equally affected. 

How does poor sleep affect us?

There is no escaping the effects of sleep deprivation as they show up on our faces, manifesting itself in everything from dark circles to redness. “Poor sleep results in premature ageing,” says Dr Jacob Teitelbaum, author of “From Fatigued to Fantastic”. When we deprive ourselves of sleep, we also deprive our bodies of “the three key periods our body releases hormones”, which helps with growth optimisation, weight and appetite regulation.

What are the benefits of beauty sleep?

If you’re asking yourself, “Does sleeping earlier really help with better skin health?”, then you should know that there are real benefits to not staying up late for one more episode of that Netflix show you’re bingeing on.

The key to dewy skin cannot happen without sleep. Recent studies have shown that it’s nature’s way of helping keep inflammation in check. According to Dr Mike Varshavski (aka “Instagram’s Hot Doctor“), sleep is a regenerative process where we heal; it’s essentially like “a fountain of youth that we dive into every night.”

A full night’s slumber also gives your skin ample time to repair itself and produce new collagen, the protein responsible for ensuring your skin looks beautiful and plump. The golden period of skin regeneration happens sometime between 11 pm to 2 am, so it’s best to be asleep then if you want to wake up to a glowing complexion.

How can I get more beauty sleep?

The secret weapon to beauty sleep starts from creating the perfect sleep-inducing bedroom environment. Try setting the mood with a soothing playlist, burning some candles and mulberry silk eye masks. Incorporating silk in nighttime routines has been gaining traction, and for good reason. Less friction on your skin or hair, a cleaner sleep surface and
moisture retention are just some of the various benefits of silk on your complexion and tresses.

Another tip: You should also avoid snacking and nightcaps; these will just keep you up at night.

The moral of the story? Beauty sleep is essential, especially if you want to reap the benefits of your 12-step skincare routine.

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