by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

How To: Wet Hair Look

Wet hair look
Image via @anh_phoenix

The wet hair look is having quite the moment; it’s slick and chic, grungy yet beachy all at the same time. This might sound like a complicated look to attain and maintain, but it’s deceptively simple. Ahead is how to successfully replicate the look, step by step.

Dry your hair

First things first, dry your hair until it’s around 60% dry and comb through it with a wide-tooth comb. Just because it’s a wet look doesn’t mean your hair is actually wet. 

Combine products

To get that wet sheen, use a combination of gel and cream; if you just use one of each, the end result might be too crunchy or greasy for your liking. Run a small amount (keyword: small) through your hair—a pea-sized amount for fine hair and slightly more for thicker hair. Too much and your hair might clump with your scalp showing. Don’t forget the hair around and behind your ears!

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Next, comb the hair with a wide-tooth comb again but be careful not to touch the roots, you want to keep that part as sleek and straight back as possible. You can also spritz a little frizz-fighting spray to keep your hair slicked back throughout the day. To hold the style in place and lock in all that shine for hours, blow dry with a concentrated nozzle while gently tousling the ends through the back with fingers so that the sleek part on top and the hair strands blend. 

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Work with your natural texture

The look is about working with your natural texture—enhance your hair’s natural straightness or curliness with a leave-in serum, applying a pea-sized amount from your hairline to the ends. For curls, you can also use some texturizing hair cream and a sea-salt spray to create volume and shape without any frizz. 

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