by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

How to Get Smooth Skin All Over (Yes, Including Your Butt)

You might take good care of your face, but are you paying the same amount of attention to the rest of your body? You have to have a healthy skincare routine for all of your skin, including your butt. After all, no one likes dry, rough and flaking skin anywhere.

Simply put, a good exfoliation session can do wonders for the texture and tone of your skin, and there are a few great products and methods to try if you’re experiencing the same problems. Here, find tips gathered from experience for smoother skin—derriere, thighs, elbows, you name it.

Get yourself a dry brush

This age-old beauty ritual is a favourite treatment of several wellness-loving celebrities like Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr. From brightening your skin to exfoliating to helping with lymphatic drainage, the benefits of dry-brushing are seemingly endless. Some even swear their cellulite is less noticeable after dry-brushing.

It’s best done before showering and make sure your skin — and the brush! — is completely dry. Start at your ankles and brush upward toward the heart in long, circular motions. For the stomach, work in a clockwise direction.

Harsh exfoliation is never the point; be sure not to press too hard or use a brush that’s too stiff. The skin shouldn’t be scratched or damaged. Once you’re done, you can step into the shower to rinse off all the dead skin cells.

Body scrubs are the way to go

Body scrubs slough away dead skin cells like nobody’s business. You can even make your own scrub (see one of our favourite DIY recipes here) and use it on your elbows, shoulder blades, booty and anywhere on your body that needs a refresher.

Look out for acne-fighting ingredients

Not a fan of your bumpy post-shaving skin? Keep a lookout for acne-fighting and bacteria-inhibiting ingredients like tea tree oil and witch hazel, as well as actives like glycolic acid to clarify the skin and ward off unsightly bumps after shaving.

Don’t forget to moisturise

Soft smooth skin doesn’t happen without moisturising. It’s important to slather on body lotion or oil to seal in all of your hard work.

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