by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

How To: Facial Massage to Lift & Sculpt

Image via @shimmerandchelle

Many people might longing for a spa service right now, but with the current climate, it’s easier to tap into DIY approaches to release any stress and tension you might have. You can run a bath and throw in a bath bomb, do some yoga, or try giving yourself a DIY facial. Or maybe you’ll break out a gua sha tool and try your hand at facial massage; after all, it has been one of the biggest breakout skincare trends in the past few years.

Facial massage can help your skin out more than you realise. Incorporating the right massage techniques into your skincare routine can not only improve your skin’s radiance, but lead to a firmer, more youthful-looking face. How? Kneading the skin improves blood circulation, which leads to your products absorbing better into your skin. And while you can certainly use a jade roller or other massage tools, you can rely on your hands—and a face oil—alone, too.

Image via @minimalbeauty

Tip: Use sweeping motions with your fingers, and start from the centre of the face before working outwards. Light pressure is enough to encourage lymphatic drainage and rejuvenate the skin.

Start with a generous amount of face oil

After choosing the product of your choice, pat it evenly onto your face. Begin your facial massage by sweeping your fingers down the bridge of your nose.

Go easy on the eyes

For lymphatic drainage under the eyes, work one side at a time. Place your index finger in the corner of the eye to support the skin, and take your other finger to glide it lightly under the eye, out to the hairline, and down to the ear to release any lymphatic fluid.

Continue sweeping under the eyes gently, and outward. Bring your fingers over your cheekbones and sweep outwards. Repeat the motion under the cheekbones.

Smooth out the forehead

With slight pressure, push the forehead skin in an upwards motion, from the brows to the hairlines. And then tap your fingers across the forehead to stimulate blood flow.

Sculpt the jawline

For your chin, use the sides of each index finger to sweep from the bottom lip down to the jawline. Move from the centre of the chin outward to the ears. After that, use two fingers on each hand to repeat the motion.

Don’t forget the neck

For these areas, perform light, quick strokes up the neck to the jawline to help lift the skin. As excess water builds up in the lymph nodes, drain it away by dragging the neck downwards using the corner between the thumb and forefinger.


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