by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

How To: Conceal Dark Eye Circles with Maki Ryoke

Editorial makeup artist Maki Ryoke (@makiryoke) shares her tried-and-true tricks to deal with dark eye circles. 

Image via @makiryoke

If you haven’t been sleeping well lately, chances are it’ll show on your face. While genetics can come into play, those dark circles can be brought on by lack of sleep and dehydration. Whether you suffer from insomnia, allergies, or just pulled an all-nighter due to work, the question is: how do you cover them up? Editorial makeup artist Maki Ryoke (@makiryoke) for her tried-and-true tricks to deal with dark under-eye circles. 

Born in Japan and currently based in New York, Maki Ryoke (@makiryoke) is one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the business. Maki has collaborated with some of the biggest beauty brands like MAC, Lancôme and Clinique, while her work has been featured on The New York Times, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

What is the best way to apply skincare targeted to dark eye circles?

Use your fingertips to give a gentle tapping massage after you apply eye cream. It will help to keep circulation going to get rid of dark eye circles.

Are there different ways to cover up different types of dark eye circles? 

Keep it simple. That means don’t apply millions of things to hide it; just moisturize well and use a good concealer that works for your complexion and texture. If the problem is puffiness, give a gentle eye massage. If the problem is shadows underneath the eyes, make sure to use a high-coverage concealer and use a fine setting powder to set.

Are there any specific techniques or tools that you would recommend? 

I highly recommend doing lots of stretching and exercise around your shoulders. That will help with healthy circulation to your face. If you have a tight neck and shoulders, it will most likely lead to dark eye circles or under-eye bags. There are many other factors that lead to eye bags, but with dark eye circles, they are most likely from bad circulation from your shoulders and neck.

Do colour correctors really work in minimizing the appearance of dark eye circles?

If you have deep, dark and bruise-like eye circles, it definitely helps with minimising their appearances.

How can we prevent makeup from creasing under the eyes?

The key is to find a deeply hydrating moisturizer or eye cream. 

Any concealer recommendations?

The Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Concealer (SGD105). It has been my forever-favourite for many years. It has a great texture and the right amount of heaviness that you can control with moisturizer.