by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Elizabeth Rahajeng on Wellness, Sisterhood, and Spreading Positivity

It’s a fact that Elizabeth Rahajeng is a go-getter. Her career began in the corporate field, working in marketing, before she made the switch to modelling and gradually transitioned into a fashion blogger and stylist. Elizabeth and her twin sister, Maria, then started their blog in 2012, a pivotal moment that helped launch both of their careers.

Today, Elizabeth juggles many different hats; the 29-year-old is the first-ever Indonesian TV host for E! News Asia—who has interviewed Diane von Furstenberg and covered New York Fashion Week!—a digital content creator and co-author of the book Becoming Unstoppable.

We check in with Elizabeth to chat about her love for hosting (and fashion), sisterhood, and her wellness routine.

What was your first hosting gig?

My first-ever hosting gig took place in 2014 at New York Fashion Week. What most people don’t know is that I fell into it completely by chance, it was something I didn’t plan. That changed my life because that was the moment I fell in love with TV hosting and it absolutely catapulted my life in a different direction.  

You’ve been a ‘woman of impact’ for a good number of years now; what do you hope to achieve with your platform?

Overall my focus has always been to spread messages of positivity, equality, love, hope, and overall wellness. 

My platform has very much been about encouraging other women to aim higher, to break free of societal expectations and that’s what I aim to continue with my work.

“In this global community, I think it’s important to not only be able to rely on each other but to be able to advocate for one another.”

How did your love for fashion begin? Were there women in your life who had a deep impact on you discovering your love for fashion? 

My love of fashion really began in high school when one of my best friends introduced me to Teen Vogue and fashion photography. From there I was hooked! Another woman in my life that I would say has had a big impact on me in terms of style is my 84-year-old grandmother whom I adore. She’s the one who taught me that looking your best translates into feeling your best. To this day she is still one of the best-dressed women I know! 

You’re constantly exposed to the newest collections and trends. Does that influence your way of dressing in any way?

I’m a big believer in staying true and authentic to your own sense of style, and that doesn’t necessarily mean following the latest trends. I think it’s great to be inspired and experiment from time to time, but going back to the core of who you are is key. 

What inspired you and your sister to write your own book?

I’m a storyteller at heart and I’ve always believed that the best way to connect with people is through stories. There’s something really powerful about sharing and owning your story. Becoming Unstoppable is a book that anyone who has ever had a low point in their life can relate to. We’re very honest about our personal journey and the ups and down we’ve faced throughout. We wanted to tell the story of the mountains we climbed. In doing so, perhaps our words can become a page in someone else’s survival guide. 

In short, the purpose of this book was to continue what we’ve always stood up for—the empowerment of all, the celebration of dreams and hopes, and an unstoppable spirit. Through this book, we wanted to connect with people in a deeper, more meaningful way and I believe we did that.

Do things ever get competitive between the two of you? How do you balance that competitiveness with working together and building a relationship as sisters?

The funny thing is that Maria and I have always been competitive with each other, especially when we were younger. When we were kids it was about who could get ready for bed the fastest, who could play the piano better, who got the better grades, et cetera. We made everything into a competition!

As adults, and especially since we work in the same field, there’s still that bit of competitiveness between us, but a healthy kind—the kind that pushes us to do better and reach higher. Of course, at the end of the day, we love and support each other 100%. Her success is my success and vice versa. 

What’s your approach when it comes to beauty and wellness?

My approach is to find what works for you! Because it’s different for everyone. What’s currently working for me in terms of wellness is taking walks in the morning, not restricting myself from sweets (because they are my ultimate weakness), good books and podcasts, and always enough sleep! I’ve always been highly neurotic about getting enough sleep because, without it, I’m just a horrible person to be around! 

“I’ve learned that taking time for yourself is not selfish, it’s a necessity.” 

How do you look after your skin?

My skin has been through a journey. I’ve dealt with so many skin problems over the years. For the past few years, I’ve taken the time to really understand what works for me and what doesn’t. My tip is to moisturise, exfoliate on a regular basis, and never skip sunscreen!

What is your signature beauty look?

When it comes to beauty, I believe less is more! A little concealer where needed, a bit of blush, brows and gloss—that’s what I usually go for. 

What is most important to you: comfort, beauty, or innovation?

I think innovation is our way to react to changes and discover new opportunities. And right now, we need innovation more than ever; it’s the spirit of moving forward and becoming better.

Elizabeth’s Beauty Picks

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