by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Editor’s Picks: The Best Beauty & Wellness Products That Got Us Through This September

September is coming to a close, but there’s one thing that doesn’t have to end: playing around with new beauty products. Here at BEAUBIT, we’re big believers in the power of beauty and wellness products to help us feel a little better—whether it is a new skincare product to up your routine, a new cleansing device tool that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, or a new lipstick that helps you feel your best.

Ahead, we’ve put together a list of our favourite new skin, makeup, fragrance, and wellness products from September that helped us get through the month.

Happy Skin Dew Cooling Colour Adapt Stick

We’ve seen colour-changing products over the years, but the reason why we’re such huge fans of this product is because it’s uber lightweight, and its one-swipe water-gel formula feels so light and refreshing on the skin. It’s the perfect dewy blush for hot and humid climates like Singapore.

Happy Skin Dew Cooling Colour Adapt Stick, SGD23.99

Aesop B & Tea Balancing Toner

This gentle and alcohol-free toner from Australian brand Aesop is enhanced with provitamin B5 and antioxidants to refines your pores, balance and prepare the skin for hydration. We love how light this feels on the skin and its oh-so-soothing scent.

Aesop B & Tea Balancing Toner, SGD75

Handmade Heroes Beauty Warrior Face Mask Australian Pink Clay

The perfect clay mask to slather on your off days—this 5-minute clay mask is boosted with jojoba and sweet almond oil, to nourish and moisturise while unclogging pores.

Handmade Heroes Beauty Warrior Face Mask Australian Pink Clay, SGD24.90

OSEA Vitamin C Probiotic Polish

This water-activated powder exfoliant has 50% vitamin C to instantly brighten your complexion. If that’s not enough, there are probiotic-rich pomegranate enzymes to fade the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone.

OSEA Vitamin C Probiotic Polish, SGD105

Delphini Acne Scar Cream

If you’re struggling with acne (maskne is everywhere so who isn’t?!), you’ll love this product. It’s a cream that has been formulated with wound-healing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, like calendula flower extract to reduce inflammation and redness; allantoin from snail secretion to soothe the skin; and liquorice root extract to reduce irritation, itching, and redness.

Delphini Acne Scar Cream, SGD28

Dew It Face Sun Stick

Honestly, you can never have one too many sunscreens. What makes this one so great is that it’s a combination of a chemical and mineral sunscreen, is enriched with hydrating ingredients like sea buckthorn oil to hydrate and protect the skin from sun exposure. Plus, you can keep it in your bag for on-the-go reapplication. Its sleek size makes it easy to apply under the eyes and the area near your nose!

Dew It Face Sun Stick, SGD22

True to Skin Bakuchiol Anti-Aging Serum

We love our retinol but it may not work for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin. This is where this bakuchiol serum comes in. A natural alternative to retinol, this serum is also boosted with PHA, probiotics and a 7-seed beans complex. It absorbs so quickly into the skin and we love how it instantly brightens the skin.

True to Skin Bakuchiol Anti-Aging Booster, SGD17

Hanz de Fuko Hair Oil

Frizzy hair is always a concern, especially in a country as humid as Singapore. But ever since we met Hanz De Fuko’s Hair Oil, we’re happy to report that shiny, frizz-free hair is totally achievable! Its combination of hydrating ingredients—argan, jojoba, vitamin E and grape seed extract—promise to restore life and shine to your hair, no matter the weather.

Hanz de Fuko Hair Oil, SGD30

Nolaskinsentials Eden Glow Shimmer Body Scrub

Girls’ night out coming up? Lather up with this vegan body scrub from Nolaskinsentials for a mega-watt glow. It’s made with organic sugarcane, shea butter and avocado oil (and small light reflectors) to leave your skin looking extra shiny and glowy.

Nolaskinsentials Eden Glow Shimmer Body Scrub, SGD32

Reclassified Hyoshi Ryokan Candle

Our idea of a spa day definitely includes lighting candles and this one from Reclassified hits all the right spots. It’s a warm oriental scent with notes of red roses and clove leaves, taking you straight to a Japanese hot spring (even if you can’t travel right now!).

Reclassified Hyoshi Ryokan, SGD42

Things to Come The Blend of a Fresh September

An aptly-named essential oil, we love this essential oil that smells like a bright fruit orchard. It’s fresh, herbaceous and woody, since it contains sweet orange and rosemary oils.

Things to Come The Blend of a Fresh September, SGD38

SALTRAIN Car & Room Scent Fragrance Tag

Car perfumes that are too musky or minty are passé—SALTRAIN’S fragrance tag will uplift your mood with its natural woodsy scents that last. Personally, we’re huge fans of Hinoki Cypress, which has a warm cypress scent mixed with cedarwood.

SALTRAIN Car & Room Scent Fragrance Tag, SGD21

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