by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Editor’s Picks: 5 Best Products from Paula’s Choice

Image via @madelineskinsta

There’s something that sets Paula’s Choice apart from the various beauty brands on the market. The Seattle-based skincare brand is all about smart, safe beauty. Founder Paula Begoun started the line after struggling with acne and eczema for years, with the intention of creating a more straightforward line of skincare. Today, the range has everything from gentle exfoliants and moisturizers to high-performing retinols and antioxidants; each of them effective, safe and backed by cited research.  Here, our favourite products from Paula’s Choice.

2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

Of course, this list would not be complete without this bestselling product. The Skin Perfecting 2% BHA (Salicylic Acid) Liquid Exfoliator (SGD45) is a bestseller for a reason; it’s a unique leave-on exfoliator with a 2% concentration of salicylic acid to unclog pores and clear your complexion and it really works. It’s also gentle enough to be used twice daily and we love that it absorbs super quickly into the skin, thanks to its lightweight texture.

C15 Super Booster

There’s no denying that vitamin C is a must-have in anyone’s skincare repertoire since it offers everything from antioxidant protection to spot-diminishing abilities. The C15 Super Booster (SGD71) has 15% pure vitamin C and it’s also blended with ferulic acid (just like that cult Skinceuticals serum), another potent antioxidant that works synergistically with vitamin C to increase the benefits even more. Mix a few drops with your moisturizer or serum, or pat it on by itself for smooth, radiant skin.

10% Niacinamide Booster

Ah, niacinamide, one of our favourite skincare ingredients. They can truly do everything (and more) when it comes to your skin; think skin brightening, anti-inflammation and anti-acne. It’s also great for dry skin since it helps to bind water. On top of that, nearly everyone’s skin gets along with it. This niacinamide booster has just the right concentration to improve your skin, from uneven skin tone to visible pores and fine lines.

1% Retinol Booster

If you’re not a fan of retinol (read: irritated and inflamed skin), maybe you should give this a shot first. The 1% Retinol Booster (SGD74) combines a slow-release delivery system with soothing ingredients, like willow bark and oat, to help boost the skin with none of the retinol’s usual irritation.

Clear Acne Regular Strength Starter Kit

Okay, we cheated a bit with this starter kit, since it has 3 products. But the great thing about this set is you don’t have to worry about which products go first. It’s an easy 3-step routine that quickly gets mild to moderate acne under control, without causing any side effects that usually go hand in hand with acne treatments (think dryness, flaking and redness). These lightweight formulas are gentle on the skin yet tough on breakouts, making it the perfect skincare set for those struggling with acne.