by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

DIY Body Scrub with Capella Singapore

We’re all devoted to our skin—right? We spend time and effort everyday to massage in toners, serums, essences, and moisturizers we swear by. We splurge on masks, invest in chemical peels, and make appointments for facials. But taking care of our skin means more than just our faces; we should be taking care of our chests and necks just as well as we do our faces.

Here come body scrubs. Not only do they exfoliate away dull, tired skin, they can also prevent signs of ageing, and even out your skin tone to make it look and feel firmer from your neck to your toes. And there’s nothing quite like a homemade scrub. Sure, you can splurge on fancy products (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but there’s something satisfying about concocting your own blend, whether it’s to help exfoliate dead skin before you apply, or just improve the overall look and texture of your skin. And making it with basic ingredients from your kitchen is just an added bonus.

The Himalayan Body Salt Scrub

The luxurious Auriga Spa at Capella Singapore shares with us recipes crafted by their wellness experts so that you can recreate the experience for yourself at home.

Tip: Scrub before you shave. This helps get rid dead skin cells so you can get a cleaner, smoother shave.

For the best results, make sure you’re scrubbing correctly. Use your hands; there’s no need to use a brush. Scrub toward your heart. It’s a spa secret, and why you should do it is that it’s great for improving circulation. Start at your feet and massage in a circular motion up the legs and the torso, before continuing with your arms. Once you’re done, follow up with a body oil or moisturizer. Scrubbing can strip your skin of moisture, so make sure to moisturize every time.

Another thing to note is, don’t scrub every day; two to three a times should do the trick. Over-exfoliating can be really harsh on your skin. If you have sensitive skin, do it even less frequently, and be gentle when scrubbing.

This recipe works great with grapefruit or geranium oil; grapefruit as it helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate excess water. It also helps to boost circulation and diminish the appearance of cellulite. Geranium promotes skin clarity and also helps calm nerves and lessen feelings of stress. 

The Coconut & Honey Lip Scrub

And if you’re wondering what to do with leftover ingredients? Make a lip scrub!

You can keep swiping on lip balm, but the best way to get soft, smooth lips is to exfoliate first. With the leftover ingredients from the body salt, why not whip up this quick lip scrub to slough off dead skin cells? It’ll help your lipstick glide on smoother, not to mention, allow lip products to work better.

Recipes provided by Auriga Spa at Capella Singapore.