by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Defining Brows with Hourglass Arch Sculpting Brow Pencil

It’s¬†undeniable that your brows are important; a great, well-shaped brow gives a look of confidence and really frames the eyes and face nicely. Of course, not everyone is blessed with a perfect set of eyebrows. Whether you’ve over-plucked your eyebrows or they’re naturally on the thinner side, keep reading on how to define your eyebrows with the Hourglass Arch Sculpting Brow Pencil (SGD58).

Hourglass Arch Sculpting Brow Pencil, SGD58

Pick the right colour

Pick a shade lighter than your natural brow hair so that it’ll look more natural. You can always build up the product to achieve the colour you want.

Warm up the product

Brow pencils are typically less creamy and harder to work with, so warm up your brow pencil by applying it to your hand. It’ll help the pencil glide across the brow hairs smoother.

Create a base

Go over the entire brow with upward, tiny hair-like strokes and start lightly. As a general rule, it’s always easier to add product than to erase, so build up your brow slowly. You can draw darker and more defined strokes later on to create fullness.

Know where to end

Overextending the brow will draw your face down and make you look sad. To know where the tail of your brow ends, place a brow pencil diagonally at your nostril and line it up with the side of your eye.

Blend in

Comb through your brow with a spoolie brush to soften the strokes and make it look more natural.