by Joanna Low

Celebrity Makeup Artist Larry Yeo’s Foolproof Guide To Beauty

Can you use them in a moving vehicle without messing up? Yes, you can.

Technology is all about making our lives easier —  fridges now generate less electricity while telling you that you’re low on avocados, self-driving cars are the next big thing and scientists are racing to produce thousands of personalised but affordable cancer vaccines. Why then, did the humble act of applying makeup get so complicated?

Some foundations require you to premix it like a chemist, certain blushes demand that you apply it like a mathematician (45 degrees parallel to your cheekbones and at 32-degree strokes) and certain eyeshadow palettes’ instructions read like a lesson on quantum physics. 

In an industry where everybody seems to be a critique, we’ve dialled it back to a man who obviously knows what he’s doing— Larry Yeo. 

ést.lab SunShield SPF50***. SGD96

“This product is great for someone who wants a sunblock with the texture of a tinted moisturiser that protects against both the sun and blue light. You can use it as a makeup base too, before the application of your foundation.”

Decorte Eye Glow Gem, SGD35

“The Decorte Eye Glow Gem glides on easily and blends super quickly! It’s great for those with little or no skills when it comes to eye makeup.”

Mamonde Creamy Eye Color Balm, SGD18

“The balm is excellent for those who want long-wearing power when it comes to to their eye makeup. It doesn’t budge once blended on and it works well even for women with folded hooded lids! The best part? It can also work as an eyeshadow base!”

Marc Jacobs Beauty Accomplice Concealer & Touch-up Stick, SGD45

“Is it a cream or liquid concealer?” It doesn’t matter because the product applies so well that I am mind-boggled by its capabilities. It’s slick enough to put into a clutch or toiletry bag and it conceals so well with a light touch that any imperfections are instantly erased.”

YULIP Lipstick, SGD30

“YULIP Lipsticks are for the everyday woman who wants enough colour to impart into their lips to look more polished. One application leaves the lips feeling hydrated and it comes in eight Asian-skin tone flattering shades.”

MAC Studio Fix Soft Matte Foundation Stick, SGD59

“This is a concealer and foundation in one amazing stick. You can use a little to sheer out and even skin tone or layer it as a high-coverage concealer. Or, you can use it to touch up your makeup mid-day and it photographs amazingly well.”

“Gucci Beauty Rouge à Lèvres Voile is a sheer lipstick that goes on fantastically well. It has that perfect sheer wash of colour to prevent it from looking like a mistake if you have shaky hands but yet, it conditions beautifully if you have dry lips.”

JILL STUART Crystal Lucent Face Powder, SGD70

“This face powder is great for those who have dry-combination skin — especially so for women who want to take away excess shine but retain the skin’s radiance.”

ZA Bye Bye Shine Essence, SGD9.90

“This is a beautiful liquid that creates a natural matte finish when applied with fingertips. All you need to do is to spread it on your fingertips and press it down onto oilier areas like your T-zone.”

REVLON Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color, SGD15.90

“This stunning gorgeous lipstick leaves a powdery soft finish that does not bring out the dryness in your lips unlike other lipsticks that leave a matte finish.”