by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Caroline Lin on Sustainable Shopping & Her Favourite Beauty Ritual

Born and raised in northern China, fashion blogger Caroline Lin has an enviable wardrobe. A quick scroll through the content creator’s Instagram paints a picture of her casual-chic style, replete with blazer ensembles and sleek clean lines. Now based in Los Angeles, the full-time financial advisor is also the founder of End of May Vintage, an online vintage store carrying carefully curated vintage items.

We caught up with Caroline as she chats about fashion, shopping sustainably and her favourite beauty ritual.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

The first thing I usually do in the morning is to reply to work-related emails. I like to get it out of the way in order to start a new day. Then I’ll go for a run around the neighbourhood. I usually spend the entire morning working and attending Zoom meetings. Afternoons are usually reserved for creating Instagram content. At night, I give myself time and space to recharge and decompress—watch a movie, go on Pinterest and Tumblr to find inspiration, or read a book.

What’s your go-to look for the day ahead?

I have a few items in my wardrobe that I really like to wear on a daily basis, so I tend to repeat and combine them differently to create a couple of different looks. I love to wear button-down shirts and blazers—they are easy to style and usually suitable for different types of occasions. Of course, I’ll glam up if there’s a special event but with the pandemic, there are minimal opportunities for that!

Absolutely! I am always trying to keep up with the latest trends and learn from designer brands. But personally, I’m more drawn to the brands that have a more timeless and classic style, like Prada, The Row, Céline by Phoebe Philo, Jil Sander, Lemaire. These are the brands that inspire me the most and I always learn from these brand’s runway shows. The elegant and timeless style of these brands definitely helped shape my style.

Sustainability plays the biggest part in my fashion world, which is why I started my own online vintage store End of May Vintage. I always found myself wandering around in thrift stores, trying to find classic pieces that would work in my wardrobe. From a Ralph Lauren button-down shirt, to a beige trench coat, thrift stores are the best place to find unique and classic pieces that will never go out of style, while being good to our environment. I hope to bring my love for vintage pieces to people around the world, and raise awareness about how shopping vintage or secondhand pieces can help the environment.

Let’s move on to beauty. How do you keep your skin looking so clear and hydrated?

I’m very lucky that I don’t struggle much with acne or anything like that, so my skincare routine is very simple but effective. Cleansing and hydrating are definitely the most important steps for me when it comes to skincare. I always make sure to double cleanse when removing makeup—I can’t stress enough how important this is. And I always stick to the products that I know for sure work for my skin.

What do you look for when picking beauty products?

That the brand supports diversity, values natural beauty, and embraces self-love. As a woman of colour, it’s so important for me to see the brands feature people of colour on their marketing campaign, and always take diversity into consideration. It’s why I think there should be more platforms like BEAUBIT! I also care if the products are ethically made, without further damaging the environment. I’ll support the brand even more if they use recycled materials and are mindful of their environmental impact.

What are your favourite beauty rituals to treat yourself after a long day?

A thorough skincare routine. I like to do a clay mask to get rid of any dead skin cells and rejuvenate my skin. I usually use two face masks—one for cleansing and detoxing, followed by a hydrating and antioxidant one. There’s no better way than doing a complete face mask ritual to end a long day.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Living in New York City and with my own clothing brand! I lived in New York City before for three years and it’s my favourite place in the world. The city truly helped me find myself, be confident and comfortable with who I am, and figure out what I’m passionate about in life. I see myself having the fulfilling and exciting lifestyle I always wanted to create.

Caroline’s Beauty Picks

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Cordura, SGD52
NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment Lipstick, SGD40
Go-To Skincare The Removalist Clay Mask, AUD48
Origins Hello Calm Relaxing & Hydrating Face Mask with Hemp Seed Oil, USD28

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