by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Candice Miller on Hot Yoga & Acne

When neither dermatologists nor medication helped, Candice Miller turned to a complete change in lifestyle to combat her acne-prone skin. She shares her journey with Yogacare and natural healing.

Battling adolescent acne was one of Candice Miller’s struggles growing up in sunny Singapore. The combination of a less-than-ideal diet coupled with long hours of wearing heavy makeup took a toll on her skin, and the former TV host spent a period of time consulting dermatologists and trying skincare products to soothe her skin.

Today, Candice is the co-founder of New York’s Yogacare and is walking on a brand new journey with her skin. With the help of Hot Yoga and natural skincare products, gone are the days of infuriating breakouts and unhappy skin.

You are beautiful! What does your skincare routine look like?

You’re so kind! I use very little product on my face. Growing up in Singapore, the humidity always made me hate moisturizing and I’m not a fan of that sticky feeling. Moving to New York and braving the bone-cold winters helped me understand the importance of moisturising. I found EO to be a perfect balance of lightweight yet effectively rich. 

I recently started using the night serum in addition to the moisturiser, just to further hydrate during the cold winter nights. Before any of this, I wash my face with Acure’s cleanser which works perfectly for my sensitive skin.

“The continuous sweating may seem gross to some, but the purge is essential for your pores and your largest organ— your skin!”

As #girlboss and the backbone of YogaCare, what are some key wellness habits you’d recommend us to try? 

You have to move your mind, body and soul. 

Human beings are all of those components, hence we need to work those components equally. On one hand, working out will keep your skin healthy, and on the other, meditation and breathwork will keep your mind at peace and your soul nurtured.

You suffered from acne while living in Singapore, and this drastically changed when you moved away. What would you attribute to your clear(er) skin?

Hot Yoga changed my life and my skin. The continuous sweating may seem gross to some, but the purge is essential for your pores and your largest organ — your skin! Combining daily yoga with breathwork has helped to expel the impurities in my body and replenish it with oxygen – quite literally out with the bad, and in with the good. 

Again, I don’t overload on skincare and makeup products — just the EO Hydrating Face Moisturiser and Acure Cleanser — and keep my routine as non-complicated as I can. 

Diet in NYC vs SG

Despite living away from Singapore for the past 8 years, I’m your true blue local girl once I’m home. I love my coffee shops and especially my Chwee Kueh, Sambal Kang Kong and Murtabak! As you can imagine, these food don’t exactly pave the way for healthy skin, and I lived with the effects they had on my skin.

Since moving away from Singapore, my diet has definitely been less greasy, and I discipline myself to prepare my morning green smoothie (homemade with fresh ingredients!) daily.

How do you keep your spirits up throughout the day?

Running a yoga studio means I encounter people from all walks of life every day. Someone may come in from a bad day at work and in need of a class to change that, and at the end of their session, I’m guaranteed to have a positive conversation with them. I keep my spirits up easily from the stories and interactions I have with everyone who comes into the studio.

Positive affirmations are essential to channelling good energy to any area of your skin, body, mind or soul that needs it that day!

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