by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

How To: Bridal Hairdos that Last

Image via @punnyy

Knowing how to wear your hair on your wedding can be a little tricky, given that it is probably the biggest day of your life and you’d want things to be perfect: no loose strands coming undone in the middle of your first dance, or your hair looking too stiff and unnatural under the copious amounts of hairspray.

If you’re looking for tips on how to prolong your bridal hairdo, or just need some advice on what kind of hairstyles will work the best, look no further— BEAUBIT turns to celebrity hair and makeup artist Fiona Bennet (@makeup_by_fionab) for tips on maintaining your bridal updo all day and all night.

What kind of bridal hairstyles are the most likely to last all day?

Your hairstyle has a bigger role than you think in determining your look; different hairstyles can make your face look dramatically different, and of course, you’d want it to last all day. So, what kind of hairstyles should you choose for the big day? “It all depends on your hair type and hair condition,” Fiona says. She also would take into consideration the face shape, dress style, hair accessories and flowers before choosing.

Another piece of advice: be realistic with your hair and listen to your stylist.

“If you have pin-straight hair and you know it won’t hold a curl well, don’t do it! If you want sleek hair but you’ll be out doing photoshoots in the heat and your hair is more frizz-prone, don’t do it either. Generally, hair up is the safest way to go.”

Book in for a trial session at your stylist’s and play around with different looks to decide which is the one for you.

Tips on making hairdos long-lasting?

“It really depends on the hairstyle and your hair type,” says Fiona. If you’re going for curls, try curling them tighter than how you would normally do and let them cool completely. They will drop a little when you’re outside, but if they haven’t, you can brush it out. For volume, sprinkle some hair-volumising powder at the roots and massage it through to give your hair volume. Dry shampoo works just as well.

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If you’re looking for bombshell hair — think J.Lo at the Super Bowl — consider getting clip-ins. “Also if you feel like you haven’t achieved the desired volume or length, clip-ins can give you those few extra inches,” says Fiona.

And probably the most important thing to make any hairdo long-lasting is to not fiddle with your hair too much; your hands can transfer oils to your hair and weigh it down. And when in doubt, give it another layer of hairspray!

Hair treatments the night before: yes or no?

Should brides wash their hair or do any hair treatments the night before their wedding day? Fiona says it is best to give your hair an aggressive wash to make sure it’s super clean, but remember to keep the conditioner minimal. Why? Conditioner weighs the hair down, which means your hair loses volume and looks flat at the top. “Also blow-dry your hair so that it will be sleek and smooth for styling,” says Fiona. A couple of pumps of hair oil before a blow-dry will also do wonders in keeping the hair nice and smooth throughout the day.

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Fiona suggests to visit the hairdresser the week of the wedding to do any colouring or highlighting. “And if you’re considering framing hair around the face, then consider getting layers too.”

Another tip is to start looking after your hair the minute you get engaged; a great diet with protein and lots of good fats coupled with scalp treatments will encourage new hair growth, just in time for lustrous locks on your big day.

Last-minute fixes

A good hairstylist will make sure your hair is armed to the teeth against marching down the aisle in the heat (if your wedding is outdoors) with a mountain of hairspray and bobby pins. But if your hair slips out during the wedding, don’t panic. If it doesn’t look too bad, don’t sweat it and continue your dance. If you’d rather be safe than sorry, bring a bundle of bobby pins and a small can of hairspray to fix the loose tendrils, or a sparkly hairpin — a good time to bring out something blue or something new — to distract from the mess.

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