by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Best Moisturizers for Tropical Climates

Image via @tigranouhi_

Your skin is clean and nourished with serums and essences, and you’re thinking, “Should I skip the moisturizer? I’ll sweat it off as soon as I step out.” The thing is, skipping moisturizer will actually make your oil glands more active and cause you to look like an oily mess by midday. To help you pick a moisturizer that hydrates while keeping your skin looking grease-free in the stifling summer heat, see our tips ahead. 

For acne-prone skin

moisturizer for acne skin
Dior Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème

Ingredients: Natural ingredients, including french mallow flower and haberlea leaf

Texture: Creme-gel

Usage: Thin layer to prep skin before makeup

 Price: $$$

For dry skin

moisturizer for dry skin
Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream

Ingredients: Formulated with lotus extract high in antioxidants and peach leaf extract

Texture: Cream

Usage: Apply to clean skin before bed nightly. 

Price: $$$

For sensitive skin

Moisturizer for sensitive skin
La Mer Moisturising Cool Gel Cream

Ingredients: Created with the patented Miracle Broth™ and exclusive Lime Tea

Texture: Gel cream

Usage: Suitable for day and night use 

Price: $$$$

For ageing skin

moisturizer for aging skin
SKII Radical New Age Power Airy Milky Lotion

Ingredients: Formulated with PITERA™ and RNArchitect Complex

Texture: Lotion

Usage: Apply it in an upward motion to encourage skin firming, starting from your jawline to your cheek area. 

Price: $$$$

For oily skin

moisturizer for oily skin
Shiseido White Lucent Luminizing Surge

Ingredients: Japanese cherry blossoms and exclusive 4MSK brightening ingredient

Texture: Emulsion

Usage: Use as the last step of your morning or evening skincare routine.

Price: $$$