by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Beauty’s New Wave: Super Skincare from the Sea

Beauty brands are looking to our oceans for supercharged ingredients. Take a deep dive into these marine beauty buys here.

You might be familiar with tried-and-true ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, but trust us when we say that marine ingredients—like sea salt and seaweed—are the skincare heroes you need to know about (and invest in). While we all know about the health benefits of eating seaweed and the nourishing effect that sea salt body scrubs can have on our body, it seems we should start using these potent marine ingredients on the face, too. Scroll down now to discover our favourite marine beauty buys that contain powerful ingredients sourced from the seas.

The Cleanser

OSEA Ocean Cleanser

This mineral-rich gel cleanser from Californian brand OSEA effectively removes excess oil and surface impurities while maintaining hydrated, healthy-looking skin. Organic seaweed deeply hydrates the skin, while beet-derived lactic acid gently exfoliates to visibly minimise pores. It’s lightweight and perfect for warmer climates, especially muggy Singapore.

The Ampoule

TARA Aqua Peptide Antioxidant Ampoule

If you’re one of many who have no clue what ampoules are, here’s a simplified guide for you: ampoules are basically little glass vials filled with supercharged serums divvied out into daily doses. Typically, they are meant for a two-week or sometimes month-long intensive regime to rebalance or recharge tired skin. If you’ve been a workaholic and have had no time for self-care, an ampoule set may be your answer. 

Which brings us to this favourite from South Korean brand TARA. With highly-concentrated hyaluronic acid, peptides, super-hydrating collagen and revitalising algae 8 complexes, TARA’s Aqua Peptide Antioxidant Ampoule (SGD259) helps to soothe irritation, support nourishment and accelerate skin regeneration.

The Mask

OSEA White Algae Mask

An age-defying mask with incredible efficacy, this boosts your complexion with its hero ingredient: white marine algae. With white tea, resveratrol, hyaluronic acid and mineral peptides, this marine-infused illuminator work to diminish the appearance of redness, brighten skin and visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots. A top tip is to apply before bed in place of moisturiser and leave on overnight for additional brightening effects.

The Toothpaste

SALTRAIN Gray Salt Toothpaste

Your beauty routine should extend to maintaining your pearly whites, which is where SALTRAIN’s Gray Salt Toothpaste (SGD11) comes in. Infused with naturally sourced grey salt that contains minerals of the sea and mudflats, this refreshing toothpaste prevents gingivitis and gum diseases, while keeping your breath minty fresh all day long.

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