by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Mimmi Thalin on Clear Skin & The No-Makeup Look

Swedish-Thai model and content creator Mimmi Thalin talks BEAUBIT through her casual-chic style, as well as how to nail the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look.

The no-makeup makeup look is in trend for all the right reasons; it’s super easy and shows off how much work you’ve put into making sure your skin is healthy and glowing. And Swedish-Thai content creator and model Mimmi Thalin (@mimmithalin) has it down pat.

We chat with the 22-year-old on the fashion inspiration behind her casual yet chic style, as well as how she keeps her complexion clear to nail the all-natural makeup look.

Tell us more about yourself.

I’m currently studying climate change while working at Dang Sthlm, a clothing brand owned by my close friends. I help out with production and content creating, and sometimes I model. 

I’m half Swedish, half Thai and grew up in a small suburb in Stockholm. I go to Thailand to visit my family every other year and stay there over the summer.

How did your love for fashion begin?

I think I’ve always had an interest in fashion. I’ve been looking through old photos and seeing some colour-coordinated outfits from when I was younger. I remember going to thrift stores when I was 13 and finding vintage gems together with my friends, posting pictures on my blog. It’s essentially the same thing as to what I’m doing now, but I’m older (laughs). 

How would you describe your style?

I find a lot of clothes in my mom’s wardrobe and combine it with streetwear. I like to go thrifting and look for pieces that I can mix up — some outfits work and some don’t!

Talk us through your favourite beauty products and your typical skincare ritual. 

I have never been very dedicated to skincare, to be honest! I’m blessed to have good skin. Less is always more for me, as I have very sensitive and dry skin. I don’t do much in the morning; I just wash my face with water, moisturize and then apply SPF

For my evening routine, I double-cleanse with The Body Shop’s Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (SGD30) and Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash (SGD21). And then I make sure to moisturize with Innisfree’s Olive Real Power Cream (SGD29) and Olive Real Essential Oil Ex (SGD25). I’ll also go in with a mist from the same series when my skin is feeling particularly dry.

Sometimes I’ll use a sheet mask or a peel from Innisfree that I stock up on whenever I’m travelling to Asia.

What is your go-to beauty look?

I’m into the natural no-makeup look right now. If I’m in the mood for something extra, I do a winged liner. I’ve been using the Isadora Glossy Eyeliner (SGD47) for years now.

What beauty product are you most particular about and why?

Definitely moisturizer; since most face creams I’ve tried have not given me the same level of hydration and glow as the Innisfree one has. It is extremely moisturizing, so I can’t live without it!

What does beauty mean to you? Are there any significant differences between the Asian and European idea of beauty?

I grew up with Asian beauty standards, so they have definitely influenced my idea of beauty — everything from how our bodies should look like to mannerisms. I would say that Nordic or European beauty standards have taken more of a backseat for me. As I matured with age, I realized that beauty is actually taking the time to take care of yourself and feeling good from within.

What are your goals in the future? What are you working towards?

There are many things I want to do, both off and on camera. I would like to model more and produce more content with my current team. I hope to be able to just enjoy myself and have the opportunity to visit more beautiful places. 

Mimmi’s Beauty Picks
Innisfree Olive Real Essential Oil Ex, SGD25
Innisfree Olive Real Oil Mist Ex, SGD10
The Body Shop’s Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, SGD30
The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash, SGD21
Innisfree Olive Real Power Cream, SGD29
Isadora Glossy Eyeliner, SGD47

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