by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Meet the Locals Abroad: Trishna Goklani & Mavis Siow

Everybody has a story about beauty. In the BEAU-FILES series, we get up close and personal with compelling personalities to engage them in a conversation where we learn more about what they do, their unique experiences and their relationship with beauty and wellness.

In this special edition of BEAU-FILES, we check in with two Singaporean women — both based overseas — and chat about their journey and hopes while highlighting their unique relationship with beauty.

Mavis Siow

24-year-old model Mavis Siow (@mavissiow) started modelling after taking a shot at Basic Models Management’s open casting in 2017. Since then, she has moved to Adelaide to pursue her bachelor’s degree in dental surgery, which she admits, is very different from modelling.

“It’s two very different professions but I love pursuing both interests!” Mavis tells BEAUBIT. “People in the modelling industry often look very shocked when they hear that I am pursuing something that is totally different from modelling.”

We catch up with Mavis to find out what a typical day looks like for her, the best part of her work, and which beauty products she swears by, below.

What does a typical day look like in your life?

Being in a medical course, no doubt my timetable is packed and filled with classes, practicals and studying for tests and exams. I love to incorporate modelling in my content creation with brands and I often do photoshoots during those days when I have the extra time away from classes. I feel accomplished and grateful to be able to continue both pursuits of different fields while being able to manage my time.

What do you love most about being a model?

I love that modelling is always exciting and different! I get to meet different people from all walks of life in different shoot settings, which have always been a joy to me. As someone who is very spontaneous and loves trying out new things, modelling has been a perfect fit. It has also taught me a lot about myself and my boundaries in this cut-throat industry.

What’s one beauty tip that’s really important for a model?

Sanitising your hands before you apply any skincare products or makeup!

Name five must-have items in your handbag.

Lip balm, phone, wallet, AirPods and lipstick! Catch me without them and you get a prize.

Talk us through your typical skincare ritual.

I have very sensitive skin, so I am more of a ‘less is more’ kind of girl. I typically moisturize my face with Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask every day. It really helps, especially in Australia where the climate is very dry. I’ll also use an exfoliating mask from Lush — Mask of Magnaminty — once a week or in two weeks for smoother skin.

What do you look for when picking beauty products?

I have stuck to the same products I use for years now and haven’t changed much. However, I always take note of whether fragrance is a component of the product since it can be irritating to the skin.

What is your favourite beauty activity to indulge yourself in?

Putting makeup on. For some reason, it’s very relaxing and fulfilling for me. On bad days where I need a quick pick-me-up, putting a little bit of makeup on can make me feel better about myself. When you look good, you feel good.

What are your hopes for the year ahead?

2020 has taken a huge toll on me mentally. I haven’t been home for a year and counting, and it’s still a question mark on when I’m able to return home. I’d like to focus on the positive — I’m learning to be more independent and living my life to the fullest where I can. My biggest hope right now is to return home, but for now, I hope to be able to achieve more this year — be it my studies or my modelling career.

What do you miss most about Singapore while you’re abroad?

Apart from my loved ones, the food! I’ve been missing my favourite laksa and chicken rice so much. These cost $12 here in Australia and are nowhere close to those in Singapore’s hawker centres! It’s the entire experience of sitting in a hawker centre and having a variety of local foods that I miss dearly, even in the hot and humid weather.

Mavis’ Beauty Picks
Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, SGD42
Lush Mask of Magnaminty, SGD32
Rohto Mentholatum Deep Moist Lip Balm, SGD7.90

Trishna Goklani

Fashion it-girl Trishna Goklani’s (@trishnagoklani) career is constantly evolving. The UK-based content creator started off studying fashion design, moved to London to pursue a degree in journalism, before finding herself falling in love with social media and digital content. Today, Trishna heads a creative consultancy and a creative mentorship program for BIPOC that is set to launch soon.

Here, we quiz Trishna on all things style and get a sneak peek at her beauty favourites and self-care routine.

What are three things people should know about you?

I’ve become more introverted over the years and it has probably intensified because of the lockdown we’ve been having since last year. I love anything related to true crime, occult, spirituality… I’m a true Aquarian! And I love to cook!

What keeps you busy everyday?

Emails! I have a bad habit of letting my emails pile up so that’s the first thing I get on every day. Besides that, networking has been the most important thing I’ve been doing in preparation for the launch of my venture. I can’t even count the number of Zoom calls I’ve gone on in the past few months! I truly value the relationships I’ve made and I can see how important they are in the professional world as well. Besides that, I try to create content daily for my page, which can be fun but when you have a million other things to do… 

How would you describe your style?

My style is always evolving depending on how I feel, but it is based on the principle of quality over quantity. As a teen, I was obsessed with second-hand shopping and would go thrifting every weekend. Even so, the way I consumed fashion was borderline excessive. Over the years I’ve stopped looking for new things to buy and instead look for new ways to dress up the pieces I already own. I gravitate towards everyday pieces that are versatile enough to be worn in multiple ways and for all sorts of occasions.

So, what does your daily skincare ritual look like?

I stick to pretty basic products and try not to complicate things because they can end up causing a bad reaction on my skin, which I learned from experience.

In the day it’s pretty simple. I wake up, have a nice hot shower and cleanse with something gentle. I spritz on a hydrating toner, pat on a Vitamin C serum and a really hydrating moisturizer. To end, I generously apply SPF (even though I’m going to be indoors all day!).

In the evening, I make sure my face is properly cleansed by using a muslin cloth with my cleanser, followed by an exfoliating toner. I always end off with a mini facial massage with my favourite face oil and a hydrating moisturiser. I also sleep with a silk pillow to protect my hair and skin! 

What is your signature beauty look?

My beauty looks have changed so much over the years. When I was younger, I gravitated towards bold makeup looks, but these days I find myself going for more natural looks. Especially now when there’s absolutely nowhere to go, I find myself enjoying my natural skin more. I guess it has to do with the fact that I’m taking care of it more.

I love a good blush-and-gloss look with loads of mascara — that’s my everyday go-to look. Every now and then, I’ll put on some red lipstick if I’m needing a bit of a boost or getting on an important Zoom call. 

What is the most exciting beauty purchase you’ve made recently and why?

I find myself buying face mists a lot because I think it’s an easy way to sneak in a boost of hydration in the day without any fuss. I’ve also been buying more items for baths like bath salts and masks.

How does self-care come into play in your beauty routine?

For me, self-care is not specifically tied to a beauty routine but setting aside time to sit and be present with yourself. I find myself reaching for my phone a lot, which is a bad habit, so one way I stay present in the moment is by taking a bath. I don’t do it often but some days I feel the urge to sit and not do anything, read a few pages of a book or just listen to a podcast. 

What are your plans for the year ahead? 

This year is all about stepping out of my comfort zone in my career so I’ve been thinking about how I can reach all the goals I’ve set for myself. Personally, the concept of a home has been on my mind, especially since I’ve been inside so much. 

What do you miss most about Singapore while you’re abroad?

Food! Over the years, I’ve stopped craving local food as much, but every now and then I’ll have a sudden craving for something very specific. The other day it was chicken rice! I also miss supper culture, where you can just randomly go out for food in the middle of the night with a bunch of friends. 

Trishna’s Beauty Picks
La Roche Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum, SGD79.90
Liz Earle Calming Botanical Drops, GBP26
Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic, GBP16.50
Dr. Barbara Sturm Night Ampoules, SGD245

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