by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Jessicacindy Hartono: Fashion, Floral Art and Beauty

Fashion designer Jessicacindy Hartono chats with BEAUBIT on her passion for fashion and floral art, as well as the beauty rituals to keep her skin clear and healthy.

Born in Indonesia and now based in Singapore, Jessicacindy Hartono is known for her exquisite and ravishing couture creations. The creative director of her eponymous label is the go-to gown designer for many local celebrities and social media personalities alike—yes, the dress that actress Fiona Xie wore to the Los Angeles premiere of hit romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians is a Jessicacindy creation.

And that’s not all, Jessicacindy has ventured into another form of creative expression: floral styling. Launched just last year during the circuit breaker, Merci Mattise is a chic floral boutique that hopes to be a destination reserved for discerning tastemakers to discover thoughtfully created works of floral art.

She credits her years living abroad as what shaped her ability to create gowns that truly personify the wearer. “I grew up in Indonesia, before pursuing further education in Shanghai,” Jessicacindy tells BEAUBIT. “My experiences have greatly shaped and bettered my knowledge of the feminine form. It’s also through meeting and knowing people through my work and travels, that have helped me understand various personalities of people, which is important as I design bespoke creations for my clients.”

As for her passion for fashion, she says two women have inspired her to follow this career path: her mother and French fashion designer Coco Chanel. “I was exposed to the world of bespoke fashion at a young age, thanks to my mother who loved commissioning custom-made dresses for my sister and me. It opened my eyes to the vibrant and imaginative world of fashion. I have always looked up to Coco Chanel and am inspired by her legacy as a designer.”

This love for the creative has manifested into another venture for the fashion designer: Merci Mattise. With a love for classic, timeless and vintage elements, Jessicacindy describes that both the Jessicacindy label as well as Merci Matisse share similar aesthetic viewpoints. “The differences lie in the overall aesthetic direction; Jessicacindy has more of a sculptural, contemporary art aesthetic and for Merci Matisse, as inspired by French artist Henri Matisse, it veers towards a French-inspired contemporary art concept.”

Surprisingly, Jessicacindy’s flair for the dramatic doesn’t extend to her personal style, unless she’s heading out for a special event. “I would say my style leans toward a more effortless look, with a balance of both the masculine and feminine,” she explains.

She takes the same minimal approach with her skincare and makeup routine: “I have pretty sensitive skin, so I do the basic steps of double cleansing, and then I follow up with a moisturiser.”

“I’m also more of a no-makeup makeup person, I want a healthy-looking complexion while focusing on enhancing my brows and eyes, keeping everything natural and minimal.”

As for her future plans and goals, Jessicacindy says she is working towards a more balanced lifestyle. “I want my health to be a priority right now, especially in these times.”

“I’m also always looking to motivate others around me, and to create more dream-come-true moments for others through my work.”

Jessicacindy’s Beauty Picks

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Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara, SGD54
Byredo Lil Fleur Eau de Parfum, SGD193

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