by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Masturah Kay on Her Nighttime Skincare & Favourite Sleeping Mask

A quick scroll through Masturah Kay‘s Instagram feed will show you her immaculate style and love for neutral tones. We caught up with the Singapore-based fashion and marketing creative to gain insights into what keeps her busy, how she gets her start in the morning and her bedtime skincare routine.

What are three things people should know about you?

I love cats—I have 2 fur babies! I find joy in dressing up to work daily, and I really value the little things in life.

What keeps you busy every day?

I’m always thankful to be given the opportunities to lead and come up with creative ideas to set higher standards for a brand’s image. I’m always on my phone because I have to stay connected constantly. Apart from that, I take my me-time after work pretty seriously too.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? How do you get your day going?

I check my phone first thing in the morning, to see if I missed any urgent messages from my family or friends before I kickstart my day. I’ll usually need a cup of coffee or milk tea to get by, of course (laughs).

So, what does your daily skincare ritual look like?

Due to my busy schedule, I’m guilty of skipping my morning skincare! If it’s any consolation, I would never skip my nighttime skincare routine. I find it particularly crucial to double cleanse and put on a restorative night serum so that I can wake up to clear, smooth and bright-as-day skin. The Crème Simon Restorative Sleeping mask is a super underrated product (the brand as well!); I will recommend it to anyone to give it a try and feel the difference in your skin texture the next morning!

What is your signature beauty look?

A natural-looking peachy look always does the trick.

What is the most exciting beauty purchase you’ve made recently and why?

It has definitely got to be It Cosmetics’ CC Cream and Bye Bye Pores Setting Powder. It’s a killer combination for light, breathable and natural-looking makeup. It’s also simple and comfortable enough for everyday use. 

Masturah’s Beauty Picks
It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better™ CC+™ Cream SPF 50, SGD62
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Silk Airbrush Poreless Finishing Powder, SGD48
Sunnies Face The Perfector in Blur + Balm, SGD24
Sunnies Face Fluffmatte, SGD16
Crème Simon Restorative Leave-On Sleeping Mask, SGD68
Sunnies Face Airblush, SGD20

What would you like to have accomplished in the next five years?

I just aim to be the woman that the younger me would be 100% proud of, and perhaps have a mini human by then!