by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Could Ayurvedic Skincare Be the Secret to Healthy Skin?

With the growing interest in self-care and wellness—especially since staying at home has given us much more time than before—it’s no wonder that ancient philosophies like Ayurveda are growing in popularity in the mainstream. From gut-healing brews to at-home rituals that help clarify and brighten skin, the benefits of Ayurveda tap into every sphere of life.

We consult Ayurvedic practitioner, pharmacist and yogi, Naina Bajaria, for her guide on incorporating Ayurvedic principles into your skincare and wellness routine.

What should we know about Ayurvedic skincare and wellness?

“Ayurveda literally translates as ‘the science of life’,” says Naina. “I understand that to mean it explains the mechanisms and laws of the natural world.”

According to Naina, Ayurveda beginners should know that the ancient Indian medical system advocates using only natural products on the skin. It also highly emphasises that outer beauty is a reflection of inner purity. This means it is not just about detoxing the body physically but also cleansing the mind, and ensuring our soul is content. “Ayurveda is a spiritual science as much as a healing science. It shows us beauty truly radiates from within,” explains Naina.

In order to achieve this physical, emotional and spiritual balance, Ayurveda believes you must harmonise your individual dosha. “Bodily health is achieved through balance with the outer environment and by harmonising with nature,” says Naina.

In an overwhelming beauty market today, what sets Ayurvedic skincare apart?

Ayurvedic skincare has a more balanced approach to beauty, explains Naina. It supports your own unique constitution and takes a more minimalist approach when it comes to products, which means fewer chemicals on your skin.

What are some Ayurvedic tips worth incorporating into your daily skincare and wellness routine?

1. Pay attention to your diet

Ayurveda encourages a person to eat consciously and what we eat has certain qualities, and those qualities will show in our body and mind, says Naina. Therefore when we eat something with a lot of ‘heat’, the skin will have a higher likelihood of being inflamed. 

2. Give yourself a massage.

Take some time out of your day for abhyanga, a gentle face and neck massage, suggests Naina. Self-massage for just a few minutes a day can improve sleep and benefits skin circulation.

3. Use natural ingredients

Skin looking a little dull? You can slather on your favourite face mask or head to the kitchen for a quick skin pick-me-up. Humble ingredients like yogurt boast exfoliating properties, while honey is anti-bacterial and great at busting blemishes. Below, one of Naina’s favourite DIY face masks to whip up when her skin needs a boost:

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