by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Ainon Talib on Embracing Self-Care & Dealing with Body Image Issues

Born and bred in Singapore, prolific mom Ainon Talib‘s profession is split between two worlds—–being a television presenter for a local broadcasting network and a finance administrator of private preschool Chiltern House. When she’s not busy memorising scripts or overseeing financial reports, the working mother of two is keeping up with her responsibilities as a wife and mother, and working out regularly at a local fitness studio, as seen on her Instagram.

We chat with Ainon as she shares about how she balances work, family and me-time, as well as her fitness regime. All these and more, ahead.

What keeps you busy every day?

I have become accustomed to wearing many hats, so multitasking comes naturally to me. On top of work-related commitments, I have my hands full with my daughters and being engaged in fun activities together. Not to mention, I am also a traditionalist at heart—I will plan ahead and go through my to-do list for weeks to come.

Tell us more about your career journey. Are there any highlights so far?

I feel blessed to have been given the chance to host various shows throughout the years. It allows me to meet people from diverse backgrounds, learn about their stories and get connected on social media, which open many doors of opportunity.

I also love challenging myself and I constantly strive to keep growing. I’m currently exploring a new career venture to do better and be better, and I’m excited about what is to come!

How do you find the time to balance family and your pursuits? What about factoring in self-care and me-time in your daily routine?

It is a huge task to juggle the two, and quite honestly, I have not found that balance yet. I take every day as a brand new day, and just like any other moms, I do my best. I squeeze in a workout session weekly and I am fortunate to be able to have my daughters in the gym with me—this allows me to make family time a healthy time!

Embracing self-care is such an important part of parenting, and I truly believe that we need to love ourselves first before we can take care of our loved ones.  

What’s your fitness regimen like?

What started as walks around the neighbourhood turned into a weekly sweat-out session! Since joining 1-Habit on a personal training program, I focus on strength training and have recently incorporated cardio. The improved energy level and stamina have really help to power me through my busy days.

Any advice to share for those who may be struggling with body image issues?

Body image, how we see ourselves, impacts our lives as much as we allow it. It is the small voice in our heads that is, more often than not, critical and comparative, telling us we aren’t good enough. However, it also has the power to give us confidence and invite self-acceptance—something that I am constantly working on.

I have been struggling with my weight for the longest time. And I choose to confront my insecurities on Instagram, using it a bit like a visual diary to document the joy and despair of my journey towards better health and wellness. Through my posts, I hope my progress makes others feel seen and like they are a part of a tribe.

“It is important that we embrace uniqueness, celebrate every small success and unlearn everything that society has told us about having the ideal form.”

What is your earliest memory of beauty?

I remember going through my mother’s vanity drawer and experimenting with her makeup collection at 5 years old. But one unforgettable memory that will be forever etched in my mind is my elder brother’s attempt at teaching me the winged eyeliner (something he had learned from his female friends). I was 16 years old at that time and he just did not want me to fall behind the beauty game (laughs).

Talk us through your skincare routine and your favourite beauty products.

I do not commit to a specific skincare routine, and I usually try products that are highly recommended by friends. From time to time, I like to switch it up depending on what my skin needs.

At the moment, I am using a lot of products from Aesop. I cleanse with the In Two Minds Cleanser — it has a smooth no-foam lather and smells divine. For moisturiser, I am currently loving Charlotte Tillbury’s Magic Cream. The formula has a deeply hydrating yet airy texture which is perfect for Singapore’s muggy climate.

How does your mood affect the way you wear (or don’t wear) makeup?

Getting ready in the morning is one vital way to pump my motivation for the rest of how my day will unfold. Whether I am going for full-face glamour or a 5-minute barely-there look where the skin is at the forefront, I will make it a point to look presentable. It is important to lift your spirits up by putting on makeup not to impress others, but for yourself. Plus, you will always be selfie-ready that way!

What beauty product are you most particular about and why?

I love a quick fix, hence, a fail-proof lip product and compact powder are my ultimate go-to’s. For pops of colour, I use Kuby Beauty’s Liquid Gleam Lip Vinyl as eyeshadow, cheek tint, highlighter and lip moisturiser. Its one-and-done versatility is every lazy girl’s dream. It is also space-saving especially when my bag is always stuffed with kids essentials.

For my skin, I am obsessed with Gucci’s Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel. Not only is the Old Hollywood-esque packaging too beautiful to pass, its finely milled powder that glides on smoothly really enhances the natural skin impeccably.

What are your goals in the future?

I am looking forward to a healthier and more thriving 2021 and beyond! To bring limitless joy to my family is my ultimate goal and I hope to grow and work towards my new career venture. On top of that, I would love to finally start my own business. 

Ainon’s Beauty Picks

Aesop In Two Minds Facial Cleanser, SGD43
Aesop Fabulous Face Oil, SGD77
Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Cream, SGD150
Kuby Beauty Liquid Gleam Lip Vinyl, SGD26
Gucci Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel, SGD95

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