by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

9 Alternate Beauty Brands For Glossier Fans

alternate beauty brands
Image via @skinsideup

Minimalism is in, thanks to brands like Glossier. As much as we like how glowy our skin looks after a whole 10-step routine, some of us just don’t have that much time (or energy) left to do a complicated regime. We love Glossier and its contemporary and uncomplicated products. It has inspired us to reach out and look for more minimalistic products that are as effective as their chic packaging. If you’re looking to streamline your 12-step beauty routine, we’ve compiled together a list of the best minimalistic beauty brands that will leave you with happy skin and an enviable bathroom.


Image via @three_singapore

Japanese beauty brand THREE is known for its skin-loving philosophy and natural ingredients. Using a blend of organic essential oils and botanical ingredients, their products help restore and strengthen the skin against environmental stressors like pollution and debris, perfect for us city dwellers.

We recommend: THREE Cleansing Oil, SGD68.

Susanne Kaufman

susanne kaufmann
Image via @susannekaufmann_

Growing up in the Bregenz Forest Mountains in Austria, Susanne Kaufmann understood the potency of what nature has to offer; she uses rich oils and active plant ingredients to make effective formulations that are a pleasure to use. The brand creates products for the face, bath, and body to enhance both your skin and soul, and their extensive range of skincare line caters to many different skin concerns.

Their Skin Brightening and Radiance Complex for example, is made from pea extract and helps brighten the complexion— you’ll wake up with smooth and luminous skin.

We recommend: Susanne Kaufmann Skin Lightening and Radiance Complex, SGD260


Image via @circumferencenyc

Founded by Jina Kim, sustainable beauty brand Circumference is making waves in the beauty world with its all-natural and clean skincare line. Their sleek and minimal packaging isn’t just great for your Instagram feed, it’s even recyclable and made from sustainably-farmed wood. As for the formulas, they’re designed to soothe, clarify and enhance your skin’s luminosity. The lineup consists of a serum, toner, oil and two masks — one to detox and the other to hydrate.

We recommend: Circumference In-Depth Hydration Face Mask, SGD74


Image via @rodinoliolusso

Started by fashion stylist Linda Rodin who’s a self-confessed beauty minimalist, the brand champions Linda’s signature beauty look— natural, glowing skin and a bold lip. She launched her line with the signature Jasmine & Neroli Face Oil (SGD100), which quickly became a cult-favourite with models and makeup artists. Since then, Rodin Olio Lusso has expanded into haircare and body — both of which offer a range of aromatic and nourishing options.

We recommend: Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil, SGD112


Image via @versed

Skincare brand Versed — founded by the makers of WhoWhatWear — only made its debut last May, but its clean, affordable and results-driven products are quickly becoming popular. The line was created with the idea of products that were safe (meeting EU standards which are one of the strictest in the world!), sustainable and uncomplicated while having effective formulations. Versed is unfussy and its simple packaging in pastel hues looks good on any bathroom shelf. Now, who can’t appreciate a good moisturizer for only $20?

We recommend: Versed Dew Point Moisturizing Gel Cream, SGD20

MAKE Beauty

make beauty
Image via @makebeautyofficial

MAKE Beauty prides itself on not blindly following trends, and encouraging people to be express themselves and be creative. The New York-based brand is for the artsy scene and has minimal down to a fine art. From brow gels to illuminators, everything is developed in a variety of colours, finishes and textures to create distinctive looks. Their best-selling Moonlight Primer (SGD65) blocks out radiation from electronics and helps to protect against damage caused by heavy metals (a must for urbanites).

We recommend: MAKE Beauty Moonlight Primer, SGD65

Kjaer Weis

kjaer weis
Image via @kjaerweis

For luxury-beauty fans looking to switch to more minimalist styles, Kjaer Weis’ sleek products will make the change absolutely seamless. A luxury organic beauty line created by makeup artist Kirsten Kjær Weis (pronounced ‘Kear Weiss’), the line emphasises the “no-makeup” makeup look and enhancing your skin’s natural radiance. What’s more, the products are synthetic-free and sustainable. They come with refillable options, minimising your post-routine waste.

We recommend: Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation, SGD94

Manasi 7

Image via @manasi7

Swedish beauty brand Manasi 7 flies under the radar. Designed by professional makeup artist Susanne Manasi, the organic makeup line offers multifunctional beauty products for effortless makeup routines. Created to be customisable to the season and your own skin tone, the products can be mixed to create new colours. The line comes in timeless finishes, textures and shades that deliver high colour payoff. Bonus points go to the sustainable, recyclable paper packaging, and their refillable powder compacts.

We recommend: Manasi 7 Strobelighter in Sunrise, SGD70

Playa Beauty

playa beauty
Image via @playa

Last but definitely not least, the only haircare brand on the list, Playa Beauty, deserves a shout-out. Launched in 2017 with just 5 products, the brand focuses on bringing attention back to haircare. Founder Shelby Wild wanted to simplify her own haircare routine with easy, toxin-free hair products, which is why she launched the haircare line infused with natural oils and botanical ingredients. Believing in minimalism, Playa simplifies anyone’s hair routine that also delivers easy dry-styling, whatever your hair texture.

We recommend: Playa Beauty Endless Summer Spray, SGD29