by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

4 Easy Ways to Detox Your Skin & Start the Year Fresh

Image via @par.olive

Even though the year-end festivities looked a little different this year, most of us would probably still have the proclivity to indulge in sweets, champagne and bingeing on Netflix shows. Once the celebrations have passed, it is likely that we will be gearing up for the inevitable bad skin days.

Since we make it a point to come up with resolutions every start of a new year, why not start the year fresh by detoxifying your skin? Even when an abundance of rich food and alcohol doesn’t come into play, it is a good idea to clear product buildup and dead skin cells that have accumulated on your skin.

Here’s BEAUBIT’s guide on how to start the new year with clearer skin.

#1: Double cleanse

This step is incredibly important to ensure you’re starting off with a clean slate; it’ll thoroughly remove any sebum, dirt and product buildup on the skin. It may seem excessive, but inadequate cleansing can cause congestion, breakouts and dullness. Plus, not getting rid of the dirt in your pores can render much of what you apply afterwards virtually useless — including that expensive serum you’ve splurged on. Use an oil-based cleanser first, then your cleanser of choice after.

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#2: Exfoliate.

To bring back your soft and smooth skin, use a gentle exfoliator to help buff away dead skin cells. Avoid harsh, grainy scrubs as they’ll only irritate your already aggravated skin. You can opt for a clay mask or leave-on chemical exfoliants, which will leave your skin soft and radiant.

#3: Steam.

Short of a facial, treating your skin to a steam session is probably the best thing you can do for your pores. Steaming releases toxins, dirt and debris from your skin. Plus, it allows the skincare products you apply afterwards to penetrate deeper.

Pour boiling water into a water basin and customize it for your skin type by adding fresh or dried herbs, like chamomile or mint. Lean over the basin, keeping your face about a distance away from the water, and drape a towel over your head to create a tent. Sit like this and steam your face for about five to 10 minutes to clear out your pores.

#4: Simplify your routine.

Your skin is stressed from the onslaught of a poor diet and lack of sleep, so don’t complicate things further with a fussy and complex routine. Start by simplifying your regime right back to a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, which won’t irritate your skin. You can add a serum depending on your skin concern, but remember to not overload your skin with too many actives. Some of our favourites to get you started: vitamin C to brighten, niacinamide to reduce redness and retinol to stimulate collagen.

To rebalance skin and lock in your efforts, top off your detox regimen with a nourishing moisturizer.