by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

12 Beauty Gifts To Treat Yourself & Your Friends this Valentine’s Day

It’s February and you know what that means. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and with it, all the standard (and rather cheesy) gifts of chocolate, flower bouquets and stuffed teddy bears.

Whether you’re shopping for gifts for yourself, your partner or just presents for your best friends, beauty gifts always make for spectacular Valentine gifts.

We’ve got a roundup of romantic and chic beauty gift ideas that are perfect this V-day, no matter if it’s a gift for a special someone or simply showing yourself some much-needed TLC.

Rooki Beauty Mission Critical Acne Patch

This adorable new release from local brand Rooki Beauty is great for last-minute breakout emergencies. These heart-shaped acne patches (very appropriate for Valentine’s) are made with hydrocolloid, which absorbs excess fluid that pulls dirt and oil away from the blemish, speeding up skin healing.

Everpink Cosmetics Blush My Feelings

Everpink Cosmetics Blush My Feelings in In Love, SGD30, coming soon on BEAUBIT

The perfect blush to get that rosy, flushed look for Valentine’s, this one from Everpink Cosmetics (and aptly named In Love) is an anti-clogging, oil-controlling cream blush that blends effortlessly into your skin. It’s non-greasy and we’re loving that cream-to-powder texture.

Tamburins Tiger Leaf 85 Mask

Face masks always make for a great gift. This one from South Korean brand Tamburins has 85% Centella Asiatica extract, quickly calming down redness and nourishing dry skin.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Discovery Kit

This is definitely on the splurge-y side. But what better way to treat yourself — or a loved one — than with Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Discovery Kit? It’s the perfect introduction to her eponymous skincare line. This 7-piece travel-size set of products will exfoliate, hydrate, and repair your skin to deliver radiant, glowy skin.

Grown Alchemist Amenity Kit

For those who find themselves with dry hands or lips at midday, this kit from Grown Alchemist has everything you would need, and in a handbag-friendly size.

Rbow Façade #12 Lip Balm

Formulated with shea butter and sunflower seed oil, this hydrating lip balm nourishes and moisturizes while giving your pout a tint of red – the perfect shade for Valentine’s Day. It goes on sheer but is definitely buildable; swipe on another layer for a bolder colour.

Dew It Women Bundle

Now here’s something for the absolute multi-tasker. This body hydration set from Indonesian brand Dew It is a must-have for the modern woman. No time for body care? Toss the Body Polish in your bag. Winding down for the night? Indulge your skin with the Body Silk and brush.

Delicat Skincare Nourish and Soothe Body Oil Duo

Why we are obsessed with this set: lightweight and non-greasy body oils that feel sensual and luxurious on the skin. The Sage Spanish scent is woody and slightly sweet on the skin, and we adore the crisp and refreshing citrus scent of the Rosewood Body Oil. Massage in these oils after a bath-and-exfoliating session, perfect for those end-of-year staycations.

Tamburins Mood Perfume 912

Designed to soothe and relax, Tamburins Mood Perfume is the perfect room spray. It’s a great way to lift the mood and immediately refreshes a space. We love both scents — #912 is on the woodsier side, with a heavy amber base, and if you prefer citrusy scents, it’s best to go with #284.

Skind Naturals Natural Deodorant

Formulated with 100% nourishing plant oils, this natural deodorant from Skind Naturals conditions the skin while neutralising body odour naturally. It has four scent variations, but the fresh rose scent is perfect for this February 14.

FRANKSKINCARE Rose Quartz Mushroom

What’s Valentine’s without something pink? And if you’ve been watching sad romantic movies that have you crying your eyes out, you’re going to need this Rose Quartz Mushroom to reduce puffiness around the eye area. Just gently press and roll it in a circular motion around the eyes.

Ying Yi Wellness Period Care Routine

The perfect wellness gift for her — these wellness teas from Ying Yi Wellness are simple and fuss-free, helping to minimise discomfort during periods. Pre-packed into 21 individual tea bags (to be consumed throughout your cycle), these teas are formulated with a blend of traditional Chinese medicine herbs like Chinese Angelica, Dwarf Lilyturf Tuber and White Peony Root to help you rebuild and restore your body through each cycle.