by Chelsea Chew

10 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow for K-Beauty & Style Inspiration

Image via @jennierubyjane

The K-wave isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Thanks to K-pop, K-dramas, and cool Korean influencers, Korean beauty and fashion are hotter than ever. If you’ve noticed the emergence of saturated hues (think bright orange, pink, yellow and green), checkered prints and polymer clay rings from your favourite Korean accounts on your Instagram feed, congratulations! You’re a bona fide trend-spotter. Now, check out the list below to see if your favourite K-influencer is on it and the accounts you might have missed out on.


Images via @__kindacool

Boasting a 222,000-and-growing following on Instagram, we first discovered Kaya aka @__kindacool on Youtube. She loves supporting smaller indie brands and you can tell her fashion recommendations are all personal and heartfelt preferences, so you can’t help but trust her taste. We love that she is unafraid to mix up colourful knits with masculine jackets and style bold clashing colours together, which somehow makes sense on her. Scroll through her feed and you will discover a love for bold greens and oranges you never knew you needed in your own closet.


Image via @yoo.xx

Otherwise known as Heejoo or Yoo’s Beauty, this content creator was another Youtube find. Her Youtube channel details everything, from her favourite beauty products, unique glam looks with a bright, bold colour palette to outfit lookbooks on the month. Her personal style really stands out with her daring use of prints and colours—we’re totally sold on her nail art choices.


Images via @_inghwajang

If we were to describe Kyunghwa Lee‘s aesthetic, it would probably be flower girl meets the 90’s. Pastel tones? Check. Mini floral print skirt? Check. Beaded jewellery? Check, check and check. Plus, she always seems to be one step ahead in the beauty game, recommending the coolest K-beauty brands—we spot Tamburins’ The Shell hand cream and LAKA’s lip tint—to her Instagram followers.


Image via @chailee.son

We first noticed Chailee Son when Marquee Singapore invited the Korean darling for its opening party. A lifestyle and fitness influencer, she has conquered Instagram with her gorgeous photos from fantastic locations around the world. On the lookout for fitness inspiration? Hit ‘Follow’ now.


Obviously, the list would be incomplete without the mention of one of the biggest influencers on the scene. Korean-American model and content creator Irene Kim, who has over 2 million followers on Instagram, is the ultimate Instagram it girl. Apart from collaborating with many big names like Chanel, Estée Lauder, Calvin Klein, she’s also running her own fashion label @ireneisgoodlabel, a line replete with bright colours and positivity.


Images via @dahyeshka

A veteran on Youtube, Dasha Kim made her breakthrough online with vlogs during her time in Australia and guides on how to prep for a flight attendant interview. Having lived in three different countries—South Korea, Uzbekistan, and Australia, the beauty guru has picked up different beauty aesthetics and mixed them together to form her own. Dasha is also the founder of handcrafted jewellery brand Kira & Misha, known for its architectural ear cuffs, uniquely-shaped pearl earrings, and dainty necklaces. We’re a huge fan of her relaxing vlogs in Jeju, where she’s currently based in.


Image via @joanday

If you’re one of Joan Kim’s 530,000 YouTube subscribers, then you know about her love for Korean beauty. Famous for her ’Joanday’ (which translates to “good day” in Korean) travel vlogs in Korea, she has seemingly tried just about every product on the market in her videos, especially on her acne journey. Now based in Seoul, the Korean-American content creator has teamed up with various cool brands to create limited edition products, including fashion label Soft Seoul and Korean skincare brand Neogen.


Image via @suesasha

There is just something inexplicably tasteful and aesthetic about Sunrin Jeong‘s Instagram feed. In addition to her stylish outfits and effortlessly cool makeup looks, the creative also shares wholesome moments with her daughter Etna.


Image via @ashleybchoi

Ashley Choi is undeniably cool. Add on to the fact that you could get lost in her Instagram feed (think film shots, travel escapades and stylish outfits complete with retro sunglasses), this is a personality you don’t want to miss out on. Pst, did we mention that the former girl group member is also friends with BLACKPINK’s Rosé?


Images via @nail_unistella

Speaking of BLACKPINK, @nail_unistella is definitely the account to follow if you’re a fan of the quartet. Otherwise known as Park Eun-kyung, she is the go-to nail artist for many Korean celebrities and was the creative brains behind the nail designs for the members of BLACKPINK in conjunction with the group’s first full-length album. Arguably one of the most famous nail artists in South Korea, she is responsible for creating a slew of viral Internet trends including glass nails, lipstick-shaped nails and wire nails. Need manicure inspiration? This is the account to follow.

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